Pharrell Williams Talks Oscar Snub, Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams speaks his mind and shows off his colorful style for GQ. The trendsetter cover the men’s magazine’s April issue, sporting designer spring fashions including a Lanvin suit, Prada Hawaiian shirt, purple Polo Ralph Lauren sports jacket, and Louis Vuitton blue suede hoodie.

In addition to flaunting his fashion, the “Happy” hitmaker discusses the controversy over his G I R L album cover, losing the Oscar to Frozen‘s “Let It Go” (“Is it going to be here for 10 years—that song from Frozen?”), and his infamous Vivienne Westwood hat.

He also explains why Hillary Clinton should be the next president. “We’re about to have a female president. Hillary’s gonna win,” says Pharrell.

See more photos and read highlights from the interview below.

On losing the Oscar for Best Original Song to Frozen: “Well, trust me: when they read the results, my face was…frozen. But then I thought about it, and I just decided just to…let it go.”

On why Hillary Clinton should be the next president: “Let me tell you why Hillary’s going to win. Everywhere you go in this country, you have red and blue. You got the Democrats; you got the Republicans. You got the Bloods; you got the Crips. You know what else is red and blue? Blood. Blood is blue in your body until air hits it, and then it turns red. That means there’s unity. There’s gonna be unity. … Hillary’s gonna win. Listen, I’m reaching out to her right now. She’s gonna win.”

On the Tea Party: “The Tea Party guys? The guys with the n***er jokes in 2014? They’re all trying to learn how to do the Dougie. Please. While their daughters are all twerking. Trust me: Miley tells me all the time. Not saying that about Billy Ray, but I’m saying Miley tells me all the time: all those little girls, all those girls with their Republican daddies, they’re twerkin’ somewhere listening to Jay Z and Beyoncé and doin’ the ‘Happy’ dance. And that’s black.”

On his G I R L cover controversy: “It doesn’t make sense to me. That kind of divisiveness is not necessary at a time when we’re supposed to be unifying. That’s what happiness is all about, and if you look at my ‘Happy’ video, I had everybody in there: fat, skinny, gay, straight, purple, polka-dot, plaid, gingham print, houndstooth, alien. I fuckin’ had dogs in there! I had children in there! I had kids in there! I’m the most indiscriminate person that there is! I believe in equality.”

On his infamous buffalo hat: “Anything different, people are going to look at and go, ‘Ha ha ha ha, what is that??’ Then, after a while, they do a little bit of research; they realize it’s Vivienne Westwood, an ode to her boyfriend at the time; they had a store together called World’s End. The guy who went on to sign the Sex Pistols, Malcolm McLaren.”

On if he regrets the trucker hat: “No. Uh-uh. I always did the same thing. I’ve dressed like I make my music. With the trucker hat, it was just a different time. And it was just N.E.R.D. time for me, you know? And that’s what we represented—like, the anti-media image. We represented the real: black kids that skated.”

On his relationship with corporate America: “I’ve been lucky enough to be received with open arms. And I think Kanye has too, to a certain extent, and he’ll tell you that. I think he was just voicing his opinions of, like, the cons of his experiences. And he’s since then tried and been making a very serious effort to show people his appreciation. So it’s different.”

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Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams

Photo credit: Paola Kudacki/GQ

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  1. mumi

    Wow. What a corny statement about Hillary.


    Deejay Reply:

    @mumi, Lol yes. His answers about politics were so embarrassing. This is why music artists should never try to speak about anything intellectual. He sounded dumb. Like so we should all just vote for her because she’s a woman? We shouldn’t even worry about what her political platform is about?? Dummy


    ta Reply:

    @Deejay, Speak for yourself American!
    There is people who have been involved in politics and were entertainers throughout history!
    Do your home works:
    Bono, Bob Dylan; Madonna; Marlene Dietrich, Josephine Baker
    Maybe it is just YOU are dumb and that makes you believe others are dumb!


    Triniti Reply:

    @Deejay, You sound so fucking stupid. Just because someone is in the spotlight doesn’t mean they should not speak on political subjects because of it. Freedom of speech, for ALL Americans.


    JD Reply:

    @mumi, It’s been an hour & I still have no idea what the guys on about.


  2. HCwins

    #HillaryClinton2016 for the win! Yall who don’t like it stay mad!


  3. bib

    Blood is never blue!


    2bad2bme Reply:

    @bib, go back to school…he was right idiot


  4. 2bad2bme

    I don’t agree with a woman being head of a government. It is impossible for a woman to be the president of the “United States” because real men here will never let it happen.


    Tbozfan10 Reply:

    @2bad2bme, well many ppl thought white folks would never let Barack Obama become President but he won anyway and they stay pressed; so you are wrong.


    Wow Reply:

    @Tbozfan10, I agree with you 100%. I’m pretty sure that if the next Republican canidate in 2016 is even worse than Romney was then Hillary Clinton should have no problem winning despite “real men never letting that happen” as 2bad2bme said.


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