Push It: Ciara and Her Father Dance to Future’s ‘Move That Dope’

Ciara and her father

Ahh, push it. While she awaits the arrival of her first child, Ciara has been keeping herself busy at home. The pregnant singer and her father, Carlton Harris, had some fun dancing to Future’s “Move That Dope.”

CiCi and her dad channeled their rap personas while singing along to her fiancé’s Mike WiLL Made It-produced song in a hallway. In another clip, the mom-to-be pushes out her pregnant belly while wearing sunglasses. CiCi shared her #PregnantLadyChronicles with her fans on Instagram.

“This Is What Happens When A Pregnant Lady Cant Keep Still:) Me and My Daddy Jammin Up In The House…:)” she said.

During his appearance on “Wendy Williams” earlier this week, Future confirmed that the couple is expecting a boy.

Watch Ciara and her pops get down in the silly videos.

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  1. [...]

    Lol she’s silly


    Mandela Barb Reply:

    @[...], LOL, I’ve been a Ciara fan, but I’m just saying: she’s really on the come up with this pregnancy. Go girl!


    mary Reply:

    @[...], Grandpa is getting down with his baby and grandbaby LMAO


  2. D

    That kind of energy while 9 months pregnant proves that every other woman is lazy


  3. Domo

    Awwwww I love it when ciara is dancing and happy !!!! She looks wonderful pregnante


  4. lmao

    This was sooo cute.


  5. 11

    lol this was funny


  6. Mao_the_cat

    this was ACTUALLY funny lol :D

    her baby bump is HUGE


  7. iStar

    She looks even more beautiful pregnant, Future is a lucky guy!!
    I know she is a celebrity and all that but women take notes, you can be pregnant and beautiful too!! Don’t be lazy lol


  8. thisisspicy

    I love


  9. trina

    OMG! that was so cute. Go Big Daddy and Ciara!


  10. marcy

    Go Grandpa Go!!! Love it!


  11. Syncer3

    i love how goofy she can be


  12. margie

    This video made my day. So wonderful to see a child coming into the world blessed with all the love of his family. Money cant buy that kind of love.


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