Video: Sevyn Streeter f/ Kid Ink – ‘nEXt’

Kid Ink and Sevyn Streeter

Love gets the best of Sevyn Streeter in the video for “nEXt,” the second single off her debut EP Call Me Crazy, But… In the “Being Mary Jane”-inspired clip, the singer-songwriter channels Gabriel Union’s TV host character. After her man, played by Kid Ink, breaks up with her, she tries to moves on, but ultimately goes back to her ex.

Last year, Sevyn released a 90-second mini video for the song starring Mack Wilds as her leading man.

She also announced on “106 & Park” that she has another surprise in store for “nEXt” that will drop next month.

Sevyn, who wrote Tamar Braxton’s new single “Pieces,” is currently on her U.S. tour, which runs through May 3.

Watch her fall in and out of love in the Derek Blanks-directed video.

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  1. Summer Syn

    I actually like this song, but in all fairness I wonder why she doesn’t sound anywhere close to this when she sings live. Is it just me or nah, but damn it’s so crazy how Kid Ink ( SEXY ASS ) Looks like a much better version of C-Brezzy


    minzzz Reply:

    @Summer Syn, ew Kid Ink is no where near CB level of sexiness


    Mandela Barb Reply:

    @Summer Syn, This song was one of my least favorites from the ep, and the amount of basic bitchassness that Seven displayed has me questioning why I ever rooted for her as a solo artist. Did anyone else hear the way she explained it on 106? Just stfu, because you’re beginning to irk me girl. More fire like the titular track of the ep, Call Me Crazy (the best song on there with a banging beat,and B.A.N.S (which I applaud for its similarity in theme to Nicki’s Looking Ass). Less muddling in overdone, lackluster r&b tropes like nEXt.
    Sincerely, A concerned fan.
    P.s. Regroup with Richgirl.


  2. slyboi

    Nice video, nice song. But, somehow it sounds like the beat does not go with this song.


  3. Free Spirit

    Instead of putting Kid Ink on the remix, Sevyn should’ve put Mack Wilds on the remix as a duet and I would’ve loved the song and video alot more if Mack Wilds was apart of the song and video like in the promo video for “nEXt”… Sevyn looked so damn beautiful and sexy!!! I loved the inspired “Being Mary Jane” look for the video… The next single should be either “Sex On The Ceiling” or “Shattered” and neither one of those songs need a remix!!!


  4. teetee

    i like sevyn but the song and video are boring. i couldnt watch it in its entirety. waiting for call me crazy vid


    From France Reply:

    @teetee, same! Call me crazy is her best song


  5. katy perry

    flop monkey


    Chantal Reply:

    @katy perry, Flop Katy Perry


    Truth Reply:

    @katy perry, Put your REAL name and address on a racist comment like this!


  6. freak

    The concept is 100% ‘Being Mary Jane’ translated into a video…
    very unfortunate cause it doesn’t work!
    Not only because she ain’t a Gabrielle Union!


  7. yoyo

    i loved it kid ink and sevyn were amazing she was really pretty and he was real cute and sexy lol


  8. Jenny

    This video is so dope she is the truth she is bout to take ova


  9. Javis

    People hating but tha only thing is kid ink aint fit this track.


  10. Miszi

    I haven’t heard this one before, the instrumental is sweet. Actually, whole song is really nice and I enjoyed the video as well.


  11. Truth

    Great artist and video is incredible! I love the Being Mary Jane theme!


  12. Val

    Yes Sevyn be bagging them cuties and this song and video is so dope can’t wait to she puts out a full album


  13. Syncer3

    I love her but i think she needs to go back to the “rich girl” look and kid ink did the song good!


  14. Nay-Nay

    Yassss Sevyn be giving me life I love this girl can’t wait to her album comes out


  15. Jazz

    Sevyn be coming with them hits this girl is so dope I just need her to put out a single I can twerk or turn up to


  16. Ebony

    OMG Sevyn I love your music even doe im only 13 years old im like your number #1 fan I know each song by heart on your album I love you I live and SouthBend,IN and people wants to see you so bad over here


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