Rick Ross Talks 50 Cent, Weed, and Wingstop on ‘Chelsea Lately’

Rick Ross and Chelsea Handler

Rick Ross received a very warm welcome during his return visit to “Chelsea Lately” on Thursday. The Maybach Music boss was once again in the hot seat, discussing his beef with 50 Cent, his love for weed, and his Wingstop franchise.

When asked if he and the G-Unit rapper are still beefing, he brushed off the question. “I’m really through talkin’ about dawg. When I look up at the scoreboard, we winnin’ big,” said Rozay, whose album Mastermind debuted at No. 1.

While he may not have love for 50, he and Chelsea both share a love for marijuana. Rozay even employs his own weed roller.

“We gotta hang out some time,” he told the comedienne, who was more than willing to participate.

“I’ll smoke a blunt with you. I’d be totally into that. I’ll do any drug you give me. I don’t give a f**k,” she replied.

The rap mogul is in the process of opening 25 new Wingstop franchises.

“You look like a lemon pepper chick,” he told Chelsea, but she wasn’t having it. “No. Stop putting wings into my mouth!” she said.

Watch their hilarious conversation below.

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  1. Liz

    50 cent > Rick ross and he knows that too


    Gobl1n Reply:

    @Liz, Rick Ross in it for the money. As long as he’s making money, and he’s making a good amount of it, I don’t think he has any care in the world who is better than him.


    rich Reply:

    @Gobl1n, 50 will always be the king. Ross fake.


    MMG-SUEDE Reply:

    @Liz, Well Liz. Your a little whore, while Ross is number one your 50 stan self is stuck 2003 and need to get over it. Ross is WAY MORE RELEVENT. 50 Only slightly relevent cos he is one of the biggest artist of the last 25 years but times have changed, music has changed accept that and suck Meek Mills peniss thanks


  2. 2bad2bme

    Rick Ross is smart. He is not focused on 50cent. 50 is played out and he knows it. He tries to beef with the biggest artist out as usual to get his foot back in the door but times have changed. Rick Ross won’t shed light on him because he knows it will get 50 interviews and more like Lil Kim did with Nicki. These older artist can’t stand for someone new to take the spot but get over it and put out quality music like Queen Beyonce and show them who is Boss…If not shut up and #BowDown


    BIGofbk Reply:

    @2bad2bme, kim dissed her because nicki dissed her first you retarded little child


    2bad2bme Reply:

    @BIGofbk, no honey, Kim’s dillusional a** wanted to make herself believe Nicki dissed her because she wanted new beef with the hottest female MC. Lil Kim never stated exactly what Nicki said about her. She just said Nicki took subliminal shots at her which was bull and the industry even knows it.


  3. Mordecai

    @2bad2me, Preach. lol. Rick Ross seems so chill and that’s why I like his music.



    Ross is actually pretty funny


  5. yo

    Its a bird, its a plane..no its a fat fraud..y do we keep givin officer rickey a pass..stop this madness…


  6. yo

    He’s winning what???? He’ll never be on 50′s level..


  7. rapflow

    yo back in the day 50 was the sht maaan dayum i aint got nothin with rozay but honestly now rick ross will never reach 50′s level and even 10 yrs from now he’ll be under 50 #period


  8. Officersricky

    Officer Ricky is a huge fraud. I can’t believe he is accepted in the rap game. No doubt 60 cent isn’t hot
    These days, but his music is still better and dealer than the huge fraud.


  9. jaybizzle

    Officer ricky is revelant? how? when he cant barely pass the 300 thousand mark with his sales. please! 50 way richer than him, he chillin.


  10. dandy

    Fuck rick fat ass fif was all up in chelsea ass with his horse dick.ross is no 1 to me but fake


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