Benzino Shot During Mother’s Funeral Procession


Benzino was shot Saturday in Duxbury, Mass. while driving in his mother’s funeral procession.

According to WHDH Boston, the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star and former owner of The Source magazine, born Raymond Scott, was shot by his nephew Gai Scott after an argument between family members.

Scott, 36, reportedly drove up in his Bentley alongside Benzino’s Dodge SUV and fired multiple gunshots. Benzino was transported to a nearby hospital with non-fatal wounds and is said to be in stable condition.

“There has been growing family tension between Raymond Scott and Gai Scott,” Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz said in a statement.

Gai Scott was arrested by Plymouth police and charged with assault with intent to murder.

The family proceeded to the funeral. When the hearse arrived, the pastor noticed that it was stained with blood.

“I said to one of the guys: ‘There’s blood on the hearse.’ There was an incident along the way,” said Father William Williams. “The family was there. They were mourning somebody they loved who died so they didn’t want to talk cops and robbers.”

The funeral was for Benzino’s mother, Mary Scott, who died on March 20.

UPDATE: Benzino posted an Instagram photo of himself in the hospital.

“Feel much better, GOD IS REAL @luvheraltheaheart is my SOULMATE……. MY MOTHER TOUCHED ME, IM CERTAIN,” he said.

His fellow “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star Stevie J also stopped by to visit him.

Benzino and Stevie J

Benzino and Stevie J

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  1. jeremydante

    what? crazy. his cousin shot him?!


  2. 2bad2bme

    wow sh*t aint no joke out here…even at funerals


    Yvonne Reply:

    @2bad2bme, u r so right!!!


  3. Trace

    SMH …. savages


  4. Oh

    The ratchetness!!! When will black people learn to love eachother. Can’t even have the decency to have class at A FUNERAL?


  5. korax korvus

    Unfortunately that seems to be a standard for the black race in Africa they still kill and eat each other.


    Izzy Reply:

    @korax korvus, Who the hell told you black people eat each other in Africa. Your ignorant ass is filled with wrong information that has no proof. Do not depend on perceptions from the western world, come to Africa and see for yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    DEAD @ his cousin being in a Bentley, and Benzino driving a Dodge SUV! lmfa0 I see why there is tension.


    Beej Reply:

    @theSHAAAAAAAAAAADE, Are you retarded? This man was just shot at his mother’s funeral and could’ve been killed himself and your main concern is who’s driving what car? Smdh that really shows your lack of maturity.


    Meme Reply:

    @theSHAAAAAAAAAAADE, I don’t kno where u read cousin but ok.


  7. Chicago

    His NEPHEW
    You retards


  8. Kinggg

    And ther not black oh smh ass hoe


  9. Only YOlas to That VB

    this is a such a sad ass mess that a family member would do some stupid dummy ass shit like that MAN HIS NEPHEW F UP HIS LIFE over some crazy ass shhh


  10. NikFerg

    Damn! He Was Going For His Heart,Benzino’s So Lucky That Idiot Missed! Black People Are So Dumb Sometimes Thinkin They’re Gangsters & Shit..


  11. Black Godd

    Price on shooter head in 5,4,3,2….kin or not


  12. Yvonne

    BENZINO MY CONDOLENCES to u in losing your mom.


  13. lynette jordan

    Glad to see you doing okay God bless


  14. West Africa loves paul walker

    @korax korvus,…You are a total idiot!!!
    I guess you are one of those lost black people in the white mans world..
    Travel & see Africa for your self..idiot!!!


  15. be_me

    Why is his right arm wrapped in the first picture and his left arm is wrapped in the pic with Stevie J??? WTF is this real or reality TV??


  16. Laylonnie

    Im sry that hppn2u,u seem lyka cool cat !!! And god bless ur mom she had u at that time trust me god is Alwayz there,


  17. BLESS UP....

    no matter what dem try,dem caan stop yuh rude bwoy …JAH BLESS, JAH KEEP ..JAH GUIDE.



    Who JAH BLESS no man curse….zino original soldier .
    keep da faith.\yuh Bless.


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