50 Cent Talks G-Unit Fallout, Rick Ross, & Eminem on ‘The Breakfast Club’

50 Cent

There was plenty to talk about when 50 Cent stopped by Power 105.1′s “The Breakfast Club” on Monday. During the 70-minute conversation, the hip-hop mogul talked business, baby mama drama, Eminem’s impact on his career, and his famous feuds with Rick Ross, The Game, and Young Buck.

He also revealed that he has shot 13 videos for Animal Ambition, four of which feature cameos from Tony Yayo. But after those videos were shot, he and Yayo’s friendship took a turn for the worse. While he blames Yayo for souring the relationship, he does accept some responsibility for his fallout with Lloyd Banks.

He also had a message for those who think he’s fallen off: “My accountant has no idea what you talkin’ about,” laughed the rap tycoon.

Watch a confident Curtis spread his words of wisdom.

On why he removed his controversial Diddy/Rick Ross Instagram photo: “I’m trying to change my image. As far as Instagram is concerned, that’s not a person’s actual life. That’s a presentation.”

On his relationship with Tony Yayo: “Some people, they’re like milk. They have expiration dates. No matter what you do, they’ll spoil after a while.”

On Lloyd Banks: “In Banks’ case, I could be considered a little insensitive at some points ’cause I didn’t have those different things in my life. … When his fathered passed, he went home and he crossed his arms and was there until I came to get him. … I had to go get the boy out his room to go shoot the video.”

On dealing with haters: “There’s always gonna be backlash. It’s from success.”

On Jay Z: “Jay Z, Lloyd Banks, and Fabolous is the same guy. Take away the hits, take away the career, the music. I’m talking about who they actually are ’cause they’re internal people. These are the guys that are laid-back, quiet, fly. You might not feel them in the room, but they’re important people.”

On Chief Keef: “Chief Keef is what my son would’ve been if we didn’t make it at that point.”

On rappers wearing dresses: “Young Thug is the person who actually said, ‘This is a dress.’ The other ones will call it a kilt.”

On Rick Ross: “It ain’t the quality of his material because he’s a decent writer. His performance can’t be good. He’s fat, sloppy—look at the guy. I didn’t see Biggie with his shirt off, running around doing what you see right there.”

On Diddy: “Puffy might be the destination for anybody going nowhere. Nobody surviving.”

On Eminem: “I don’t think our culture would’ve grown as fast as it did without Em. My being associated with him allowed the doors to open easy. I’m proud of him.”

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  1. Jazmine

    Love him !


  2. Aqs

    The realest


  3. 2bad2bme

    just because you have money does not mean u hadn’t fallen off… no one buys your albums any more but you are still a good business man. just admit that


    Rob Reply:

    @2bad2bme, stop acting like everyone has the same opinion like you smh. I still buy his songs and support him. And no he didn’t fell off. How can someone fell off if he just released tracks for his fans and not to chart with them… he’s coming back again so research before you hate on him.


    just me Reply:

    #1000% Truth
    My problem with 50 cent is that he came in the game and smashed Ja Rules career but he did not replace it with any songs of value of a substance… nothing worth remembering besides ” you can find me in the club “. truthfully he has very few hits that he will be remembered for. Nobody isn’t a gangster rap anymore..
    BTW 50 Love to talk trash but When Steve stout told the truth about him he could not take it at all


    Rob Reply:

    @just me, Never read so much sh*t in my life.


    big pimpin Reply:


    50 is the shit
    u cant compare him with a lying cop

    just aks chris brown hoes aint loyal
    why give a hoe 1inch when she wants 9?


  4. Blak Godd

    Fifth was that dude bck in the g. King of studio gangsterism tho.


    just me Reply:

    @Blak Godd,
    Yup! He is a class clown that went to the gym but never stop being a class clown. Rap just gave him a Platform that’s all


    Rob Reply:

    @just me, Just stfu you stupid hater


  5. Wut

    Around the 7 minute mark, he talks about how the LGBT community has GLAAD to defend them, but the heterosexual male is vulnerable because he has no organization? Am I understanding that properly? If he’s serious…


    viciuzurban Reply:

    @Wut, he’s saying that the hetro (suspect) guy that dons a dress or kilt has nobody to blame but himself, forget about the consequences. The LGBT community have struggle to the point where leading an alternative lifestyle is now the in thing to do that everybody is doing it.


  6. JustThatperson

    I don’t know why u people hatin on him he is a great rapper if u don’t like him whatever ur problem so some of your opinions r meaningless but I get where most of u r going bout this


  7. Rodz

    50 is full of … Always quoting Art of War and 48 powers but ignoring key lessons .He has the money and respect but no love


  8. Cuckold187

    50 is right on everything he says, he hasn’t released a studio album in like almost 5 years! Right? Hmm soundscan says his last album sold 1.7 million copies and spawned 2 decent charting singles! The album before that “Curtis” sold 3 million, “massacre” sold 10 million “GET RICH OR..” sold 15 million, if u ask me his last album was still a hit, u fuckers just compare it to his first 2 albums and mark the new albums as shit, well I like all his albums and I respect him as a business man!! He always has that confidence that shines,

    He always wins!!

    Love his swagger


  9. Cuckold187

    What has any other rapper done that he hadn’t?


  10. Cuckold187

    His last album sold 1.7 million copies (that’s better than most)

    Cuckold says 50 is one of the best

    Cuckold knows his shit

    50 dominates in business and knows how
    To keep ppl interested

    Shit even if Animal Ambition sells only
    500K units? It’s still a success compared
    To most hip hop artists nowadays..

    Y’all don’t see the big picture, y’all
    Don’t realize he made a substantial mark
    From 2003-2007..

    50 does what he wants and I’m glad he got
    Rid of freeloading Yayo


    2bad2bme Reply:

    @Cuckold187, that’s a damn lie…50 didn’t even sell 1 million on his last album so stop stretching the truth for credits


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