Chris Brown Calls Karrueche Tran and Team Breezy From Jail

Karrueche Tran

Even behind bars, Chris Brown is thinking about his fans. The singer checked in with his on-again, off-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran from an L.A. jail, where he is being held for violating his probation. In the voicemail, Breezy thanked his fans for holding him down.

Karrueche couldn’t help but smile as she played the message back for Team Breezy on Instagram.

“I’m calling all my fans, letting ya’ll know I love ya’ll. Thank ya’ll for all the support,” said Breezy. “Thanks for everything. The video just came out so I hope ya’ll enjoyed that.”

The “Loyal” video featuring Lil Wayne and Tyga has already racked up 12 million views since its debut on March 24.

He ended the call with some loving words for Karrueche. “And most importantly, K, Karrueche, I love you,” said Breezy.

He is expected to remain in jail until April 17 when he appears before a judge in his criminal assault trial in Washington, D.C.

Listen to Chris’ message for his fans and his girl below.

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  1. Ghetto Fab

    Now Giiiiiiirl shouldn’t you be worried about other things? SMH I can’t with Karrueche SMH


    EKO Reply:

    @Ghetto Fab, Rihanna is that you?


    SorryForHer Reply:

    @Ghetto Fab, A phone call from prison has this girl flipping. One phone call. This is evidence that she is lurking around waiting to strike and HAS NOT MOVED ON ONE BIT. If he had, this one phone call which means nothing, will not have her sooo excited. It is clear she has nothing going for her but to try and prove to her enemies/goodAdvisers that she is correct and we are wrong by saying CB does not love her. Again what is the point in video taping this message? It does not change the fact that he will continue to use you if you do not come to your senses and leave while you still got a vestige of pride left. Girl you are one pigheaded attention seeker.


    IG: @ClothezMinded_ Reply:

    @SorryForHer, CLEARLY he wanted her to post the video. he was talking like he was talking to his fans. and how is she flipping when she is just holding the phone smiling…try again lol


  2. Ashgino

    That ka coochie hobo hie is a stupid hoe.


  3. Ashgino

    That ka coochie hoochie is a stupid hoe


  4. shannta

    That was too sweet of him to leave a message to his fans….and to straight up let the fellas know that he’s still got that…I see you ain’t slick.


  5. Jae'Angel

    Why do y’all constantly feel the nerd to tear Karrueche down?! Do you talk to her? Are you sleeping with her? Do you know her at all? No!!! This woman didn’t do a damn thing to y’all. Stop!! Worry about your own shit. And if you don’t like her, stop reading blogs & articles bout her. Karrueche: Keep ya head up mama & don’t give a second thought bout HATERS!! Its a small thing to a giant. Chris: From a true fan; remain positive, be strong & turn a def ear to the BS, SCRUTINY, LIES, HATE, MEDIA DRAMA. Continue to get better, healthier. And once you’re back on solid ground, come home to us & do what you do best. Put the doubt they have for you to rest.



    “His girl”? Smh, well whatever works for her.


  7. ChiraqOTF

    She 3hunna…


  8. Quest

    Lol, he’s gonna get out and fuck up again because he knows no better


  9. chianne

    Why y’all hating that girl? Seems like an attention-grabbing hoe but she ain’t stupid if she has a fine dude like CB is her corner. Where he seems to be. BFF…sweet. Go ‘head and hop around with your ugly panda RiRi – you fucked up.


  10. 2bad2bme

    Karrueche Tran or aka “back up plan” has been his #2 pick for how long? and she still thinks he cares about her lol too funny!


    :o Reply:

    @2bad2bme, yea but at the end he chose her not riri


    Bitches In Paris Reply:

    @:o, But Riri left him though …


  11. #teambrezzy

    I wish I had a ride & die chick like Kae.


  12. danielle

    Omg I love Chris brown I am your #1 fan omg…


  13. christina

    awww chris te breezy loves u to


  14. jazmine williams

    We love you too Chris Brown hope everything work out in April Lord knows you better not get in no more trouble. .we your fans need you here Mr. Brown..and *K* to me your lucky to have Chris regardless of the past he’s still an amazing talented guy..we love you Chris Brown..all day baby..Free Breezy


  15. yo_

    These hoes aint loyal


    wonderland19 Reply:

    @yo_, ARHAHAHHAAA!!!!!! I did the same thing. LOOOOOL!

    That was nice Chris.


  16. Teresa

    Oh I think that is so sweet that he reach out to her and his fans we willcontinue to support you Chris Brown Keep your head up and be strong we love 1 fan


  17. From France

    Si sweeeeeet

    Karrueche is the wife of his Life . I saw That through the years . He Will never find another like her and je seems to know That

    We love you toi breezy!!!


  18. mya

    Most importantly!? What he tawkin bout?! But anyways breezy we love you through goods and bads just keep your head up. Teambreezy’s real fans supported u from day 1. Wish u the Best of luck


  19. sino dayman

    How is Rue his #2? yall didn’t say that shit in 2010-2011. yall started saying that shit when Rih came into the pic and at that time Rih was the side chick waiting for Breezy to dump Rue! So don’t come with that lame shit saying Rue is his #2 like which nigga claims a #2 on social networks? Come on now!! Anyways I LOVE BREEZY! Goodluck to him, we will allways support him as team Breezy.


  20. Your Thoughts, My Words!

    This is so sad!


  21. Nicole

    This girl is beyond stupid. I love Chris, he’s a great artist and I guess he’s a good person, but regarding this girl .. damn where’s her pride ?!


  22. Trasizio

    never worry ka,u r a lovng girl


  23. freak

    This is tragic on so many levels.
    I don’t even know where to begin!


    Nini Reply:

    That was soooooo sweet.


    Ga Reply:

    @Nini, he is one of THE most talented young people on this planet.
    All these young child stars are so fucked up…So many people to blame.
    He needs a good therapist and he needs to stay away from this fucked up business.
    I am so sorry about what is happening to him.


  24. summer

    Despite the hate for Chris from the media and self righteous my rear end don’t stink others, Chris has some loyal fans & that was nice of him to be thinking of them, he always do. As far as Tran, no one really knows what happened in rehab. Stop calling the girl names, leave her alone, she hasn’t done anything to anybody. Worry bout your own relationships or do you have any. Chris keep your head up, still rooting for you.


  25. SPCBND

    Duh this is “his girl” – he can’t have Rihanna no more, lmao


  26. Sebe

    Such a cute message to the fans! Leave Kae alone.


  27. janice

    I hope Chris Brown get himself together, I love him as an artist. His personal life don’t know to much about. I’m sure Karruche Tran is a sweet person. But I always been team Chris and Rihanna. But they not good for each other as well as Karrueche that just my opinion. I think he need to find someone that’s not in industry and that no one know of and need to go back to his hometown and stay hidden for awhile until he get his life together A lot of artist did that and they came back better than ever. Look at Eminem. If I was judge that what I would order him to do for atleast good year or 2..


  28. To

    She looks so dumb right now… Standing outside his cell.


  29. damit!

    Damn it’s some true haters here. First of all, he doesn’t want Rihanna to the one making the comment that he can’t have her. Second the message was to his fans and her, yall are not fans so why the hate? Third, stop judging her until you walked in her shoes, we’ve all stood by loved ones through thick & thin, no matter the turn out. Stop acting brand new and stop stalking the both of them.


  30. Crystal

    I’m lost at people saying when did Kae became his #2
    Hmm I don’t know when he was running with groupies , when he was making songs about rihanna and still with her like birthday cake , turn the music up remix, she ain’t you(2010) we all know he wasn’t talking about Kae seen you pointed out that he was with her in 2010-2011 yet he trying to figure out what rihanna doing .. And don’t say will when he got back with rihanna and he was still with Kae she was with him the whole time .. Yea she was their like a dumbass why he went on radio stations and tv saying how much he loved rihanna and she was his soulmate .. You Kae / Chris fans are whatever you are be tripping and now in 2014 he was fuckin people in the rehab place but Kae and him love each other and that’s his ride or die .. If that’s the cause wtf is he to her but a meal ticket .. He can’t be her ride or die because his always fucking other people or dumping her or calling her a homie out of nowhere but she stand rite by him .. That’s why people say she’s dumb and she always try’s to prove people wrong or be sneak with crap and gets moldy .. But that’s all I wanted to say and I’m glad rihanna is talking to drake now Kae and Chris can’t put her crap to get they stuff out their


    From France Reply:

    @Crystal, so why CB told her “i love you “??????

    Karrueche is the perfect woman and you mad..


    Crystal Reply:

    @From France, your an idiot and read nothing
    So he loves her big deal
    Same girl he called a homie
    Same girl he ditched for groupies
    Same girl he cheated on with three other chicks in the fuckin rehab place
    She can do way better or maybe she can’t i don’t know I’m not her but I’m not gonna be like omg this is so sweet and cute
    When dude ain’t loyal his damn self and I use to be a huge Chris fan now I’m not
    Wtf am I mad about I’m just being


  31. Erica

    Most important should be the small fanbase who is loyal to you Chris through ups and downs. You continue to try to get Karrueche on while trying to make Rihanna jealous.. is silly and counterproductive. Once again YOU took the focus off YOUR bread and butter and back on that silly groupie. Goodluck


  32. Only YOlas to That VB

    That was nice of him but something will be unfold thing about them something is fishy Bet he love her like a Good friend or whatever they decided to call it. btw Riri ain’t worrying about that damn boy no more some of yall need to keep it moving


  33. A$ap Rock Lee

    She’s a tool. A cute tool, but a tool. Poor girl, that smile deserves better. Can’t stand Chris Brown since the….incident.


  34. David townsend

    I think God has a plan for you chris and maybe moving so much you couldn’t hear so now your still pray and let God what ever it maybe be thankful in the end his will be done so hear and use your enter spirit to connect to that power sorce and the lady stay true to your self and be happy even in support to him.


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