New Music: 50 Cent f/ Trey Songz – ‘Smoke’


50 Cent reunites with Dr. Dre on “Smoke” featuring Trey Songz, the latest release in his Animal Ambition series. Over a synth-heavy beat from the Doc and Dawaun Parker, 50 ignites the track with some heavy-hitting rhymes, while Trigga gets high on the intoxicating hook.

Fif plans to release a new song each Tuesday until May 20. His first independent album arrives June 3.

Stream their smokin’ collabo below.

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  1. slyboi

    The sound is just not up to date..


    Nick Reply:

    @slyboi, why becos it hasn’t got a FUTURE hook or a wiz khalifa verse?


  2. Africa

    50 dead


  3. Still Dre

    We appreciate all you contributed to the game and the influence you had, you are surely gonna go down in history as one of the greats, but nigga you Gotta go and take wayne with you…


  4. Cebo Genius

    It sad when highly influencial rappers like 50 and wayne fall off……


  5. Usher

    Finally 50 is back


  6. Richard

    That’s the reason I luv 50. Song is great.


  7. Richard

    The king.


  8. GG

    Does everything have to sound current ?
    NO , S/O to 50 for keeping it Real and Alive


  9. Audi RS5

    trey songz was not needed on this, sounds annoying


  10. KayeV

    very dated sound . . Major Distribution was a good start but this other stuff is juss meh


  11. Mordecai

    Song is dope as fuck. Dre is on point with the beat and Trigga killed the hook. Props.


  12. Jaybizzle

    dopeness, its a hit, no doubt. keep the hate coming, its cool.


  13. Eug50

    Nigg_s are gon hate, b&#%s are gonna talk, My man 50 went in hard with authority. Always on point wen working with Dre..


  14. Aqs

    Haters gonna hate but that’s a good track.. the quality of the songs 50 is droppin for AA is surprising me..


  15. iEmagination

    Thanks 50 ! We love it !


  16. someone

    I like this kind of 50 sounds way better than all the shit he dropped lately


  17. NoMan

    This is definitely a HIT! Beat is off the hook!


  18. mike

    this is classic man


  19. Selfie

    AA album probably goina be fire..!!


  20. Hugh

    First Dre beat in like 3 years


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