Video: Dev f/ Sage the Gemini – ‘Kiss It’

Dev and Sage the Gemini

Three years after the release of her 2011 debut The Night the Sun Came Up, Dev makes a sassy return in the video for her Hit-Boy-produced single “Kiss It” featuring Sage the Gemini. The Cali singer, who took some time off to focus on motherhood, stars as a suburban housewife, while a shirtless Sage caters to her every need by mowing the lawn, pouring her a drink, and filling the pool.

Dev is currently working on her EP Bittersweet July, due later this spring.

“It kinda covers a lot of growth and new experiences that I’ve been going through. Some stuff is really in your face like ‘Kiss It’, some is not so obvious,” she told Rap-Up TV. “I went a little bit more melodic this time around. I feel like it’s a little bit more personal than the last one.”

See Dev have her way in the cheeky clip.

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    Whats happened to her!?? She was actually attractive when she came out. Now the tatts and so skinny? and this song? like is life serious anymore I don’t get it!??


    @AveryVenture Reply:


    She was never that great. Not much depth. She’s like a cleaner Kesha.

    Gemini is carrying this video, well mainly his green eyes.


  2. Fix your lipstick

    I bet he got the good dick


  3. phillydoinit

    Sage is so fine!! He could have me on the spot!


  4. Mao_the_cat

    hot song and video !


  5. so good

    i love this video! and I like the song a lot more now, Dev and Sage the gemini are both great


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