Ashanti Performs ‘I Got It’ on ‘Good Day NY’


While in town for her show at B.B. King, Ashanti stopped by “Good Day NY” on Tuesday. Following her Christmas performance in November, the R&B diva graced the stage once again, performing her latest single “I Got It” off her album Braveheart.

“It is extremely personal,” said Ashanti of her latest work. “The past two years of my life are definitely a mirror of the album. Everything that I’ve gone through personally in my career with the public is definitely in Braveheart.”

In honor of April Fools’ Day, the hosts also presented her with a mysterious box, but she was too scared to open it.

In addition to promoting her album, Ashanti has been writing music for the upcoming Tupac biopic, to be released in 2015.

Catch Ashanti’s sizzling set below.

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  1. m4ti

    love her, sad that she has nothing support by a label


  2. H

    this reminds me of when Cassie appeared on 106 & Park. A shame cause Shani is so much more talented than that and this tripe of a single.


    Oh Reply:

    @H, EXACTLY! Like wtf was that. She supposed to be a veteran in this game & she up there performing like a newcomer! SMFH!


  3. @AveryVenture

    I’ve ALWAYS! Loved Ashanti! Good for her!


  4. jlo35

    That was HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!I love it,she doing her thang ……FYI she turned down 7 majors!!!!!SHEGOTIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Raven-Symone

    What’s with the awful sound equipment they are using. Sounds like the backtrack was coming from an iPhone.


  6. Ashton

    That performance was hot but that sound was dreadful. She looks gorgeous and those thighs are thick.


  7. Oh

    The sound was terrible, she did more dancing than singing and the outfit was not a good look. Like the song, but she needs to start promoting the next single because this is going NOWHERE!


  8. No angel

    I blame this embarrassing performance on the station because the sound was ass so was the stage and performance I’ve seen her to do better recently, and the album is great


  9. John Wright

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  10. Javis

    Maybe the sound was in another section of the room for the audience jus chill guys lol->braveheart!!!!


  11. Beyonnce Briggs

    Terrible!!!!!!!! You are not and i repeat Beyonce! I am so mad her right now!!!!


    Mikey Reply:

    @Beyonnce Briggs, boo stfu and go have a seat. It was so unnecessary for you to bring up Beyoncé in this post. Stupid bitch.


    Javis Reply:

    @Mikey, lol that was harsh but i agree besides ashantis ablum is #1 n rising


  12. Only YOlas to That VB

    Nice performance


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