Video Premiere: Lil Debbie – ‘Slot Machine’

Lil Debbie

Hot on the heels of her debut EP California Sweetheart, Lil Debbie premieres the video for her single “Slot Machine” exclusively on

The former White Girl Mob member, known for her work with Kreayshawn, Riff Raff, and V-Nasty, hits the jackpot in the eye candy-filled clip, which was shot in downtown L.A. and directed by Grizlee (Nicki Minaj). The 24-year-old Bay Area rapper shakes her moneymaker in tiny bikinis while lounging on a bed and chilling with her crew of hot girls.

“This video was really fun and different for me with having the choreographed dancers beside me,” said Debbie. “I had fun creating the song with J Fhive and J Mars. I definitely think it slaps!”

The video holds a special place in her heart. “This video is also sentimental to me because my cat that was shown with me in certain scenes died a week later after the shoot. R.I.P Oliver.”

Watch Debbie hit it big in the sexy visuals.

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  1. fa

    I am a 25 year old man
    I am white…can’t rap…
    but I love to wear womens clothes and look like a prostitute hiding in crowd of spring breakers
    Who do I have to sleep with to become a female MC and release a video like this?

    WTF happened to female rap?
    Where did it all go wrong?


    Sean Reply:

    @fa, you’re bad


    @AveryVenture Reply:


    This is surprisingly very fluid and good.


    ThierryNeegah Reply:

    @fa, don’t talk shit if u never released nothin


    David Reply:

    @ThierryNeegah, if my release looked like this,
    I would hang myself…
    Well said Fa! LMAO


    ThierryNeegah Reply:

    @David, did u even listen to it u pretentious bitch


  2. Ice

    Catchy track, but Lil Debbie needs to eat her products because she’s poor as a rake.


  3. K

    so this is what she talk cr-p about Nicki Minaj and Beyonce to promote.



    She should never mention people like nicki minaj or BEYONCÉ in her mouth ever again, until she gets an number #1 album or sell out concert, or have succeful movies, books, indorments deals.

    Lil debbie this video was real low budge and classless. Her EP album has already fell off the hiphop/rap charts smh. She is a flop just like her sidekick KREAYSHAWN smh


  5. Tina

    At least her hair & clothes be point. Lol


  6. oXy HiGH



  7. Ozone

    I love debbie and she looks good when did she say somethin. Bout nicki never do stfu


  8. Trent

    Yessss Debbie


  9. John Wright

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  10. Only YOlas to That VB

    Nice video


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