Iggy Azalea Gets Pranked On-Air for April Fools’ Day

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea was the victim of a cruel April Fools’ joke when she stopped by Angie Martinez’ show on Hot 97. The “Fancy” rapper was almost through with her interview when the station’s senior producer Drewski informed her and Angie that the audio was not recording. The room got silent and jaws dropped.

“Oh my God, I hate you,” said a shocked Iggy, while Angie couldn’t hide her disbelief.

After the prank was revealed, Iggy admitted to being fooled. “I believed that, that was fucked up,” she said.

Watch their priceless reactions below.

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  1. An0thrDream

    Love her- Iggy’s dope! Can’t wait for that album


    Mandela Barb Reply:

    @An0thrDream, LMFAO. Hot 97 Tutorial: Exposing A Cornball.


  2. Jay

    LMAOOO IGGY, already pre-ordered that album! :D



    Her album is going to be the best pop rap, its actually a whole new lane. Cannot wait tbh


  4. Lalalala

    I feel pranked everytime they call these basic bitches ‘female mc’s’ or rappers!
    From January to December fool’s jokes


    sicko Reply:

    @Lalalala, LMAO


    Elijah Reply:

    @Lalalala, I have to admit, that was hilarious. Lol


  5. Great

    LMAO @rap_up deleting my comments
    Pathetic censorship!


  6. Only YOlas to That VB

    HAHAHAHAHAHHHHHHHHH good ass Joke SMH LMFAO. iggy azalea got some good music sheet


  7. Only YOlas to That VB

    LMAFO. iggy azalea got some good music sheet


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