T.I. Tackles Parenting, DeSean Jackson Controversy on ‘Arsenio’


Fresh off the fourth season premiere of VH1′s “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle,” T.I. returned to “Arsenio,” but this time, the conversation was focused on fatherhood.

When asked how he’s dealing with his teenage daughters’ dating life, the father of six responded, “The government got all my guns now. … Prayer and patience.”

The Hustle Gang chief also dished out advice to his fellow parents in the audience and weighed in on DeSean Jackson’s controversial release from the Philadelphia Eagles for alleged gang connections.

“I don’t think he had any control over where he lived,” he said of the NFL star, who signed a $24 million deal with the Washington Redskins. “If he could have lived in Beverly Hills, I think he would back then.”

See Tip’s take on all this and more.

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  1. slyboi

    He’s a very intelligent man I must say.


  2. Renzo

    Yeah, Tip is that guy. Very smart, upstanding, and still cool.


  3. blah blah blah

    I love how he and Tiny are trying to keep it together. Every other season they did the promo together for the show now they are making separate appearances. We aint crazy but I can appreciate it. I rock with any positive images of us on T.V.


  4. ashgino

    he really does sound like a pastor, i believe he posesses the gift to preach, but honestly found another outlet to spread his talent other than the church


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