Birdman Gives Justin Bieber a Bugatti

Bieber Bugatti

Birdman is showing his gratitude in a big way. The Cash Money boss gifted Justin Bieber with his very own Bugatti.

The 20-year-old singer showed off the red Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse on Instagram. The exotic sports car retails for around $1.9 million and is the world’s fastest convertible.

“Uncle Stunna luv. My first Bugatti ♛ #generosity,” said Bieber, who posed behind the wheel of his new whip.

Last week, Bieber was in the studio with Birdman and his Cash Money artist Austin Mahone working on a new song.

“Studio flow with tha yung future of music get ready,” said Birdman, whose daughter Bria received a kiss from both singers.

Birdman has his own red Bugatti, which he proudly put on display in a 2010 video.

UPDATE: According to TMZ, the pricey ride was not a gift and just a loaner. Birdman told Bieber that he’s welcome to drive the car whenever he’s in Miami.

Birdman and Justin Bieber

Austin Mahone, Bria Williams, Birdman, and Justin Bieber

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  1. Ed

    Holy FUCK.


    Mandela Barb Reply:

    @Ed, Why? This was so unnecessary of Birdman.
    I want to hear Justin’s new music since everyone’s been hyping it. He’ll probably go for a hip hop-fused sound (something more African American) like Miley did.

    I can’t stand this Miley/Justin crop of vanilla pop stars.


    Jordan Reply:

    @Mandela Barb, Miley’s album was solid.


    Andy Reply:

    @Jordan, no it wasn’t but it wasn’t bad neither


    Bougie Kid Reply:

    @Mandela Barb, You mean URBAN , not African American.


  2. king



  3. Issa

    They fuckin


  4. prime

    whaaaat the fuckkkk?????…he bugattis to blow now?..yeah the fucking


  5. kan

    first I saw the picture, I thought it was a photo shoot of the gta game =_=


  6. Marquis de Sadelali

    Merci, oiseauhomme.


  7. K

    ok good for him.


  8. INCAS

    that’s one generous gift. I bet anything Birdman’s daughter Bria will be a success when shes a bit older.


  9. Fide

    the next thing u know bieber gets signed to cash money


  10. oj

    he blowin


  11. Andy

    seriously what the fck?? where the fck they got all that money??? INVEST IN YOUR WACK-ASS LABEL INSTEAD OF THIS USELESS THINGS FOR GOD SAKE!!!


  12. Tamar

    The last thing Justin needs is ANOTHER car. Especially after that DUI


  13. LaGanja

    U know Birdman fuckin justin


  14. LaGanja

    You know Birdman is hitting JB’s backside tbh


  15. ray

    why give a car to someone who can basically buy the whole carlot this is what I don’t understand about celebs, why don’t you give it to someone that really needs it, like me lol.


    Andy Reply:

    @ray, or the poor lol


  16. yeh

    Justins new music is actually pretty good tho.


  17. MayZiin

    My First Bugatti jesus this is fucked up


  18. Jaybizzle

    Fronting for the public like they really rich. Shit leased. They fake. “I’m talking wealth, I ain’t talkin’ rich!” – Chris Rock.


  19. Mao_the_cat

    they did it to make people talk… justin really does not need any1 to buy him anything.. especially not after his last album which is actualy GREAT


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