Keyshia Cole Gets Gangsta in ’80s-Themed ‘Rick James’ Video

Juicy J and Keyshia Cole

It’s Keyshia Cole, bitch. The R&B diva channels late funk legend Rick James in the ’80s-themed video for her single named after him. Fuse went on set as Keysh rocked big hair and vibrant clothes.

“I wanted this to be as fun as possible because I’ve never really [done] a song like that,” said Keysh of the throwback clip, directed by John Colombo.

When she finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her, Keysh and her gang of girls cruise to his house on custom Glow Candy bikes to confront him.

“Keyshia’s a genius, man. She comes in and she knows what she wants. She make it happen,” said her co-star Juicy J.

She also shot a video for “Next Time (Won’t Give My Heart Away).” Both songs are set to appear on her upcoming album Point of No Return.

Go back to the ’80s with Keyshia in the behind-the-scenes clip.

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  1. iluvmusic

    Soooo ready for the video and new album!!


  2. SpittinDaTruth

    I’m sorry, but these 2 singles she dropped are very mediocre. “Rick James” has a dope ass beat, but those lyrics and that hook are weak. “Next Time” had the most potential of the 2, but the hook could’ve been stronger, it’s missing something. Don’t believe me, check that iTunes position. Regardless, I wish her the best coming forward, but it really does seem she’s reached “The Point of No Return” as far as her career goes.


    kc #1 Reply:

    @SpittinDaTruth, ok bitch ya said to much ya loose goose bitch eat dick


  3. Bitches In Paris



  4. Lykeishia J.

    Good job keishia! I love you and your creative style! Also there are some really ignorant childish haters on this site, leaving hate message that a middle school kid would say lol! If you don’t like her quick stalking her idiots, that simple! she has to be doing something right you are on her! So get your game up and you want have to hate on her.She is a bad chic!If it was Beyoncé with one of her dumb kiddie songs with her old ass man and her making high school songs that they both are to old to be singing you all would be on her balls!But keyshia is so real and pretty and nice body yall don’t appreciate real with no surgery done I guess!I’m a true fan!Get off my girl lames!


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