Drake and Rihanna Cozy Up Courtside at Clippers Game

Drake and Rihanna

After celebrating Melissa Forde’s birthday at Supperclub, Drake and Rihanna stepped out to the Los Angeles Clippers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder game at Staples Center in L.A. on Wednesday night.

The couple was seated separately—RiRi grabbed a courtside seat next to her BFF Melissa, while Drake cheered on the Clippers from his own seat. But they couldn’t stay away from each other for long.

When the lights dimmed, Rihanna went over to Drake’s seat and they shared an intimate moment, hugging and kissing in front of the public.

After announcing that he would host this year’s ESPYs, Drake stopped by ESPN earlier in the day, where he addressed the social media uproar over his shirt at the NCAA Championship Game on Monday.

While it looked like he was supporting the UConn Huskies, Drake was actually wearing a James Young Kentucky Wildcats shirt. “The James Young logo looks like a U,” he explained. “I was not wearing a UConn shirt. I am about the institution when it comes to college. I support my Wildcats.”

See more pics of the cozy couple below.

Drake and Rihanna


Melissa Forde and Rihanna

Photo credit: Splash News

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    Hit it boy!


  2. kureche

    Damn rihanna’s pussy power!!


  3. 2bad2bme

    he was so thirsty for her…phony a** ni**a


    Ann TAYLOR Reply:

    @2bad2bme, not only thirsty…greedie fo left overs…this nigga still will get sting in the end…JUS WATCH..lmao


  4. thb

    Balloteli spotted


  5. meme

    drake gat that good good


  6. Prince Naseem

    Drake Couldn’t Wait For Chris Breezy To Go To Jail. .


  7. Oh

    Now watch Rihanna play his bitch ass LMFAOOOO


  8. Welp

    In those pics hr facial expressions look like she hates him lmao


  9. Major Sushi

    they’re doing it


  10. Kai

    First time Rihanna has been smiling in a long time in pix of her. Seems like she is smiling more with her girlfriend than anyone else.


  11. T-T

    They can get the entire fuck outta here w/ this fake chemistry! He be on some “yeah lemme make sure they know dats me” shit, meanwhile she be on that “ok nigga you being extra gtfo my face, shit. Who they think they foolin?


  12. Tamar

    Drake wants love & Rih wants some dick.


  13. Task away

    Miss u. Stay beautiful love raskaway


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