Video: Keyshia Cole f/ Juicy J – ‘Rick James’ [Teaser]

Juicy J and Keyshia Cole

Don’t cross Keyshia Cole, or you may get slapped. The singer gets payback in the video for her Juicy J-assisted single “Rick James.” After yesterday’s behind-the-scenes clip, she has shared a couple Instagram teasers from the video.

In the ’80s-themed visuals, directed by John Colombo, Keysh gets revenge on her cheating boyfriend. She and her gang of girls cruise to her man’s house on custom Glow Candy bikes to confront him. In another scene, a lingerie-clad Keysh gets intimate in the sheets with her man.

“I wanted this to be as fun as possible because I’ve never really [done] a song like that,” she told Fuse.

Her sixth album Point of No Return is due this summer featuring collaborations with Wale, R. Kelly, and Future.

Watch Keyshia get gangsta in the preview clips below.

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  1. 2bad2bme

    girl just premier the damn video


  2. Red

    I smell a flop… and i see Beyonce inspiration…! Girl your career is as dead as Rick James, girl bye!


    wowzers Reply:

    @Red, Im Dead over that comment! Bwahahaha


    Losqueen Reply:

    @Red, I bet U look floppy hater, i see u checkin for it though now get smacked


    SpeakinDaTruth Reply:


    LMAO! You’re wrong for that, but that shit had me LAUGHING SO HARD!


  3. YoMama

    I’m so sick of ya’ll negative hating ass people. Who the fuck are you guys. Probably FAT people or gay faggot queens.


    Red Reply:

    @YoMama, Keyshia Cole (Keyshia Cold) i know thats you in disguise, getcha life boo!


    ms.poetic Reply:

    @YoMama, yeah, that’s keyshia alright disguising herself hey I wanna fuck the shit of you girl sexy ass.


  4. syncer3

    She looks good!!


  5. Keyshia J.

    I think keyshia cole looks great! She looks sexy in the video. She is having fun shooting the video through her pain and on top of that this girl is creativeshe has her girls support and they are getting pay back on these sweet bikes.It’s real cute.I can’t wait I love keyshia Daniel aka cut out acting like a boobie Gibson and get your girl Keyshia back before she gets snatch.She is doing her thing.I support you girl.Who cares what the haters think or say.I know I don’t neither do Keyshia.


  6. sexylady

    Hey its the Glow Candy Bikes!!! siiiick!


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