Beyoncé and Solange Dance Onstage at Coachella

Beyoncé and Solange

Just moments ago, Beyoncé made a surprise appearance during Solange’s set at Coachella. While her sister was performing “Losing You,” Bey popped out from the side of the stage and danced alongside her lil’ sis, busting out some fierce choreographed moves.

Watch the adorable moment below.

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  1. Jesus guerrero

    Queen and the Princee


  2. mimi



  3. vladica07

    They were fierce!! Love when B rushed to give her a hug, it was so cute!


  4. Beej

    Lol that was adorable to watch. These are some fierce ass sistas!


  5. MayZiin



  6. freak

    Solange music is so real!
    Isn’t that the uptempo ‘loosing You’ version?
    I love the 80ies claps that she has added
    It sounds almost like a Shalamar song now!
    Beautiful version and show!


  7. 2bad2bme



  8. kenke

    same dance that “Grown Woman – Beyonce” videoclip


  9. JD

    That’s cool.


  10. Andy

    They call her Queen for a reason!


  11. JD

    This is amazing!


  12. cori

    illigetimate evil trash


    fabienne Reply:


    They treat their little brother like garbage and allows him to be homeless and hates him because his mother didn’t abort him in the womb like they did their children, but these mixed blood creoles come from a long line of illegitimate b8stards. white men didn’t marry their concubines in them days. who they think they fooling?


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