Video: Jhené Aiko – ‘Comfort Inn Ending (Freestyle)’

Jhené Aiko

The day after making her Coachella debut, Jhené Aiko premieres the emotional video for “Comfort Inn Ending (Freestyle)” off her EP Sail Out.

When she finds out that her man has been cheating, she gets revenge by setting his sneakers on fire and keying his car. As tears roll down her face, Jhené commiserates with her BFF Krissy and reflects on happier times in her relationship.

“I was not the only one to you / So I was the only lonely one,” she sings on the No I.D.-produced track.

Jhené is putting the finishing touches on her full-length debut Souled Out, due this summer.

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  1. Prince Naseem

    She just makes my day so much better :)



    i just died.


  3. zanele

    If I was poetic, I would wright something poetic
    About this, lady and her song!


    mumi Reply:

    @zanele, But…first before you WRITE, learn to pronounce it.


    Ayy Reply:

    @mumi, do you mean spell?


  4. Channy

    This is just too perfect and this song is my life!


  5. ....

    Jhene jhene jhene !!! Stick to your roots and you will go far ! I’m a huge fan of hers ! She’s too real nothin else to say bout it .


  6. @AveryVenture

    This is going to be every ghetto bitches anthem


  7. Master Bater

    There is no one in the game right now who does what she does!!!…except maybe


  8. Sharp Tongue

    This song already does something to me, but the video was the icing on the cake.


    IG: @ClothezMinded_ Reply:

    @Sharp Tongue, exactly! it was too perfect!!! i wasnt even expecting this lol. she has grown so much it the past year from her fashion, to her live performance growth and even her visuals! man i cant wait for her first single!!!!


  9. Done223

    R E A L that is all.


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