Video: Estelle – ‘Make Her Say (Beat It Up)’


Estelle celebrates sexual empowerment in the video for “Make Her Say (Beat It Up)” off her EP Love & Happiness: How Stella Got Her Groove Back.

The British songstress challenges the stereotypes of beauty by casting everyday couples in the provocative clip. They undress each other and make love in the intimate bedroom scenes.

“This song is a part of a whole statement on what it means to be in a real relationship, on your terms,” said Estelle. “It represents ownership and embracing all of yourself as a human, plus good sex is always necessary.”

Estelle’s upcoming fourth album, due later this year, will focus on the themes of passion, courage, true romance, and the bullshit.

Go behind closed doors with Estelle.

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  1. Sharp Tongue

    Yassssssss baby I love the and the video makes it even better. #BeatItUp


  2. Dope Rapper

    i wanna ride on top the beard guy and pull it


  3. Ice

    Genius video. I like the fact that they used a thick girl in the video, nothing wrong with a little fat, its more fun with a BBW.


  4. rasan8250

    I love it. It’s grown and nasty without being vulgar. Do you Ms Estelle Darling.


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