Video: Keyshia Cole – ‘Next Time’ [Teaser]

Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole packed a punch and a whole lot of attitude in the video for her Juicy J-assisted slapper “Rick James.” Now she shows a softer side in the Colin Tilley-directed video for “Next Time (Won’t Give My Heart Away).”

In the 15-second teaser, a vulnerable Keysh sings about her relationship with estranged husband Daniel “Boobie” Gibson.

Her sixth album Point of No Return is due this summer featuring contributions from Wale, R. Kelly, and Future.

Get a sneak peek before the video premieres Wednesday on “106 & Park.”

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  1. onlyfacts

    I bet this will be amazing the song is great keyshia is very underrated it’s about time she fights for her credit and gets it !”


  2. poe

    yees cant wait


  3. Lala

    Dear lord
    she looks so cheap she makes early 90ies video girls look like Naomi Campbell!
    WTF is wrong with R&B?
    Who is her stylist? Stevie Wonder?


    KayKay Reply:

    @Lala, Well damn…you’ve seen enough from this tiny clip to make that much of a judgement?!??


    Lala Reply:

    @KayKay, No but I have seen enough of her in general!


    Gigi Reply:

    @Lala, bitch you’re stupid


  4. Lykeishia J.

    I don’t understand why people are hating on her. If you are not a fan just don’t comment.Shut the hell up and get your life and maybe you want have to be jealous of her beauty. Stop stalking her if you don’t like her!


  5. ms poetic

    from I have seen yes she is underrated but you know that can be a very good thing she is talented, soulful, relatable and I love her home girl approach. ya’ll notice she has gotten a lot more sexier now good it’s about time she is a pretty girl I bet this these songs be a huge hit she gonna be number this album. she gonna finally get a grammy.


  6. onlyfacts

    Hell yeah to keyshia getting a Grammy !” She has done to much work in this industry to not get her credit….it seems like the industry purposely blackmails her it’s becoming very obvious…. She is to great to keep away


  7. ms.poetic

    agreed she is too great to be ignored but think why they blackmail her she is not apart of illuminati she is very outspoken, won’t sell her soul, nor bow down to what they won’t her to do
    she can hold her own. she is threat to the industry keyshia knows what’s up that industry based who’s fucking whom to get a any award they don’t care about the music or artists notice how everybody seem to turn there backs on her for goin on beyonce yeah it’s true she is not apart of them


  8. ms.poetic

    basically she is too great, she is not apart of illuminati she is overlooked for being real, outspoken not someone’s puppet I love her and respect for not putting fame over integrity.


  9. ms.poetic

    basically she is too great, I love her and respect for the artist she has become over the years. you go keyshia keep up the good work.


  10. Mb92

    Keshia has always made great music!!! Love it!


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