Tyga Bungee Jumps Off Auckland Sky Tower


Tyga is taking a leap. During his trip to Australia for a five-date tour, the Last Kings rapper jumped off the Auckland Sky Tower, the tallest man-made structure in New Zealand.

Donning a blue-and-yellow jumpsuit and gold sneakers, he posed for an Instagram pic before plunging 192 meters (630 feet) while attached to a single cable. As he jumped, he yelled, “Westside, motherfu**er!”

Tyga is not the first celebrity to take the plunge. Beyoncé also bungee jumped off the same tower during her trip to New Zealand in October.

Watch T-Raww’s free fall below.

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  1. [email protected]

    looks like somebody is self-concious about their package bulging through the harness…LOL


    WANTED By Your Man Reply:

    @[email protected], Tyga looking fine as fuck with his hair out. Come get it daddy.


  2. seepN

    if only that was Chris Brown doe


  3. _shortyb

    Yoncé taught me!


  4. Hov

    what the hell kind of reaction is that


  5. YO

    This is news… Lol wow


  6. 2bad2bme

    trying to be too cool…fake a** thugs.


  7. JoJo

    He looks like a transgender


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