50 Cent: Diddy’s ‘Big Homie’ Single Is ‘Garbage’

Diddy and 50 Cent

50 Cent is in Animal Ambition mode, and his latest victim is Diddy. The G-Unit mogul ripped into the Bad Boy boss during a recent interview.

When asked to weigh in on the “expiration dates” of his fellow rap moguls including Jay Z and Diddy, 50 didn’t hold back.

“Puff still out there, he don’t even need a record, ’cause he don’t got one. You know Puff ain’t got no music that you want to hear, that ‘Big Homie’ shit is garbage,” he told Baltimore’s 92Q Jams (via MTV News) in reference to Puff’s last single featuring Rick Ross and French Montana.

“I’ma keep it all the way real with you, because the guy said, ‘Don’t worry about if I write rhymes, I write checks,’ and then sings to you,” he continued. “This is why we got rid of Mili Vanilli.”

He had kinder things to say about Jay Z. “You’ll see [Jay Z] around along as he’s been around. What’s he on, like 11 albums?” said 50.

As for himself, he doesn’t plan on doing this forever. “I’m not sure I wanna be around for a long time,” he explained. “I want this project to be a success, Animal Ambition, and I want to become a platform that helps support new young artists.”

This is not the first time 50 has taken shots at Diddy. In a 2012 interview with Chicago’s Power 92, he also called Diddy’s Dirty Money album Last Train to Paris “garbage.”

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  1. Realforsure

    Everybody knows that but only fifty can tell it in the business because he don’t walk with him but i think he should calm down for a while with this one !


    Mandela Barb Reply:

    @Realforsure, 50 was spot on. Diddy’s urban presence is now predominately in the fashion industry as far as I’m aware. I did mess with Last Train To Paris a little bit, but that’s because it wasn’t just him, he had bookoo features. I have never really checked for Diddy musically and have always considered him to be more of a glorified hype man in the sense that he sounds like he does mostly ad-lib and I can’t even name another of his album outside of Last Train To Paris.


    Realforsure Reply:

    @Mandela Barb, I’m totally agree with u (what you said about Diddy too), i’m rock with 50 FOR REAL ! Just saying he should calm down now but i know it’s 50 and he do what he gotta do ! (what you said about Diddy too)


  2. Hov

    50 the realest.

    the song is complete ass cheeks


  3. Rob

    That’s why I like him. He keeps it real. And he’s right that song is garbage.


  4. 2bad2bme

    A lot of 50 songs are garbage too so why hate on Puff? because he has more money than you?


  5. Deejay

    Facts only.lol
    But I mean 50′s music is garbage too soooooo, isn’t this just the pot calling the kettle black?


  6. Mordecai

    They are both on the Forbes list, I don’t understand why Fif had to say something. He’s only adding more fuel to the fire. but on a side note Smoke is my shit right now.


  7. Ice

    TBH, that track really is garbage.


  8. Hov

    Damm that was harh but 50 right tho nobody cares about that record.


  9. Lionheart

    Of course no one cares for a Diddy record. But at this point no one cares for a 50 record either. Pot calling the kettle black



    50 music is garbage man!! Cool Big Homie is corny and waeva but yoo 50 still stuck in 03 and if you a 50 stan thats kool but he need to retire while he still a legend and stop name dropping niggs like Ross and Diddy for relevancy. BYE


  11. Zelly

    waitaminute now, talk shit about this song but Dont SAY SHIT bout Last Train to Paris that project was awesome


  12. Ben

    Last train to paris was NOT garbage.


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