New Music: Santana f/ Miguel – ‘Indy’


Miguel has worked with icons including Elton John and Mariah Carey. Now the Grammy-winning crooner teams with Carlos Santana on “Indy” for the rock legend’s upcoming album Corazón. Miguel serenades his leading lady over Santana’s wailing electric guitar.

“Your body is a temple / It just might be the Temple of Doom / Got an Indiana Jones for ya, baby / There’s no telling what I might do,” he croons.

Due May 6, Corazón also features appearances from Gloria Estefan, Pitbull, Ziggy Marley, and Romeo Santos.


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  1. Jesus Of Brooklyn

    The King Of Kings…



    all im sayin is he sounds like frank ocean


    EL Reply:

    @CARLOS, I hear it, definitely. Even the lyrical style.

    But this is a beautiful, awesome song.


  3. Paradise

    Does sound like a Frank Ocean song but still really good. Miguel & Frank are both amazing artist


    Jay Reply:

    @Paradise, Agreed and Miguel’s voice is so much better.


  4. mon88

    this is great i love it


  5. no angel

    Miguel sounds like miguel here, he has a great voice love his style


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