Iggy Azalea Performs ‘Fancy’ on ‘GMA’

Charli XCX and Iggy Azalea

With her debut The New Classic in stores today, Iggy Azalea celebrated with a visit to “Good Morning America.” The Aussie rap sensation recreated the Clueless-inspired video, transforming the Times Square studio into a high school while performing her hit single “Fancy” with Charli XCX.

She also spoke about her journey from a small town in Australia to international rap stardom. “I just always loved rap music, I loved OutKast, I loved Missy Elliott,” said Iggy, “and being from a town where I didn’t see fabulously-dressed women or these sorts of things, I loved to watch music videos and kind’ve escape and daydream and wish it could be my life.”

Her album is already No. 1 on iTunes in the U.S., beating out new releases from Future, Asher Roth, and Kelis.

Watch Iggy kick off her release week on “GMA.”

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    The crowd looked dead.


    KENBARBUK Reply:



    Jay Reply:

    @KENBARBUK, its GMA…


    Brian Reply:

    @KENBARBUK, This b’tch just gets attention because T.I. is spending all his money and because she’s white. They’re trying way too hard to make her the white Nicki Minaj


    Oh Reply:

    @KENBARBUK, Yall Barbz so jealous LMFAOO. YUP Iggy is that BITCH now. Nicki is WASHED UP


    K.I.N.G Reply:

    @Oh, she only projected to do 50k tho. flop as expected.


    dl Reply:

    @Oh, nicki is a much more natural rapper u can tell if u got a good musical ear.


  2. JFB

    I LOVE Nicki Minaj but i also Love Iggy Azalea. Is that a bad thing? NO. Stop comparing and start appreciating what BOTH women bring to the table. Iggy’s album is DOPE and i will be buying 2 more copies.


    MATT Reply:

    @JFB Ummmmm…. nobody brought up Nicki Minaj’s name in this discussion but you…


  3. EdgarC

    Iggy is honestly a good rapper. She sounded great. But GMA never has a powerhouse audience, obviously it’s too early for them.


  4. Ash

    I mean can we all agree this was clearly lip synced..


    bobs Reply:

    @Ash, What gave it away? The part where Iggy isn’t even singing in the mic for her name tag?


  5. 2bad2bme

    the only reason she is known because T.I. spending all of his money investing in her…and it’s a waste tbh


    Raven-Symone Reply:

    @2bad2bme, go away


  6. Malika

    GMA need to inject life into their audience & stop getting kids just to stand there like they’re playing musical statues.


  7. Jay




    Her album is pretty good


  9. An0thrDream

    Daaaamn! DOPE performance! love the way she creates her own space and its full of energy, shes hot


  10. wonderland19

    Really happy for Iggy.


  11. Andy

    Good luck Iggy!


  12. Mao_the_cat

    She is so sweet… gotta love her


  13. Dan

    I like Iggy but the fact that she didn’t even rap this is sad. It’s one thing when singers do it or if you have the track playing in the background and you at least rap with it, but not rapping all doesn’t make me respect her


    Lorel Reply:

    @Dan, what video are YOU watching? I heard the backtrack but I also heard HER voice. I could tell it was HER rapping when it came to certain parts in the song and she censored certain words and the fact that I could hear natural accent that she uses when she speaks opposed to when she raps.


  14. No angel

    Those pants were a horrible choice of wardrobe and her look doesn’t fit or voice and it just looks weird watching


  15. Dazzling Razzling

    Really? I can’t believe this wack ass girl gets tv time. She is the worst female rapper and the industry is playin her up to be a big deal. I wouldn’t listen to that album if that shit was free. She can’t rap she looks weird and has no purpose in HipHop


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