Rap-Up TV: Mila J Talks Debut, Influences, & Musical Family

Mila J is quickly making a name for herself. Following the release of her 2012 mixtape, the L.A.-bred singer/dancer inked a deal with Motown Records and showed off her impressive moves in the ’90s-inspired video for “Smoke, Drink, Break-Up” co-starring Ty Dolla $ign. Now the 30-year-old sister of Jhené Aiko is readying her full-length debut M.I.L.A. (Made in Los Angeles).

Rap-Up TV caught up with the budding star to discuss her album, musical family, and influences, which include TLC, Prince (she appeared in his 1992 video for “Diamonds and Pearls”), and Janet Jackson, whose “Rhythm Nation” tour was one of the first concerts she attended.

“I just love how she entertains,” said Mila of the pop icon. “You go to her shows, she’s gon’ have a million dancers—lights, camera, action. It was just cool to see a female dancing and singing.”

M.I.L.A. will feature a collaboration with Problem (“Pain in My Heart”) and a song called “Times Like These.” “It’s another love song, relationship-based song, but it’s really about me being there for my dude and going through the hard times,” said Mila, who comes from a musical family.

“My father was a musician and we got into [music] through him, like my brother raps, and even my older sister, she sings too,” she said.

But when it comes to family time, the sisters don’t talk about music. “If someone was to come in the house, they probably wouldn’t even know that anyone does music. We’re just about family when we’re together.”

On April 29, Mila will join Ty Dolla $ign on select dates of his “Beach House Tour,” which kicks off in Fresno, Calif.

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  1. Realistically

    Love Mila J. But I don’t understand why she’s trying to drop an album and come out around the same time as her sister … I mean, Jhene just got hot, why can’t she let her sister have her moment?


    MATT Reply:

    @Realistically, Be quiet!


  2. Jrizzel88

    Since she brought it up…Janet, please let us get one more..pleeeaasseee lol…Mila is awesome, very talented


  3. janair everette

    I’ve been waitin for her to get her shine since it ddnt work wit TUG. Jhene got her shine last yr n is still shining on tour wit drake n performing at Coachella nshit, so I think Mila J came right on time especially after her mixtape in 2012. Oh yeah, we r ready for ya girl.


  4. Mao_the_cat

    Mila J… Gyrl, Dame Four, Mila J, Jamila, Japollonia, Mila Mila… <3


  5. Sasha

    LOVE YOU MILA!!! I’ve BEEN checkin for this lil lady from day one and I am so so glad this is happening for her she really deserves it, I STILL f*** with Split Personality and still play tht ish in my car. I’ma definitely be buying 10 copies of this album and givin it out to all my friends to spread the word and let their ears hear wus about to be a masterpiece! x


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