Ciara Flaunts Pregnant Belly for W Magazine


Pregnancy suits Ciara well. The glowing mom-to-be, who is due to give birth to a boy any day now, shows off her pregnant belly in a gorgeous new photo shoot for W magazine.

In the black-and-white photos, shot by Carlos Serrao, Ciara holds her baby bump while rocking designer fashions and lying on the sand.

This will be the first child for the 28-year-old singer, who met her fiancé Future while working on her album. “We created ‘Body Party,’ and that song created something else—and that’s why we’re here,” she joked.

She has been enjoying her pregnancy and not having to worry about keeping her toned body in shape. “It feels good to not have to wonder whether your abs are tight enough,” said CiCi. “I like not being so perfect.”

Her friend Kim Kardashian has given her some parenting tips. “You don’t know your child until they get here, you don’t know their personality,” said Ciara. “There is a lot of learning to do. I loved that advice.”

After giving birth, she plans to get right back to work. Her upcoming album, due “really soon,” is her best yet. “I will go on record saying so,” she said. “As soon as the body says hit the gym, I’m gonna hit the gym. I’ve been having a lot of food fun.”

She will also start planning her wedding. “I don’t want to sound too cocky,” said Ciara. “But I consider myself superwoman.”




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  1. future

    She looks like lil kim


    mel Reply:


    You really tried it though. She looks NOTHING like lil kim at all! Anyway she looks absolutely gorgeous pregnant, especially in the second and last pic.


    JayBP Reply:

    @future, lmfaooo this is true



    @future, LMAO! I couldn’t help but fall out when I read that.


  2. 2bad2bme

    yes giving vulnerable c*nt


  3. DRB

    As far as the ladies being pregnant (she, Christina, whomever else) and saying they’re gonna release albums this year, it’s not happening. Maternity leave (aka you being with a baby all hours of the day for months) is real. It’s not go back to work and travel the land after 2 weeks. You may go back to the gym, but that’s it. If you can record while pregnant, great, but you’re not about to do an album cycle.

    But then again, they do put albums out and forget about them after a week.


  4. onlyfacts

    UNLIKE BEYONCE this is what being really pregnant and beautiful looks like !


    Beyoncé Reply:

    @onlyfacts, girl shut up.


    Britt Reply:

    @onlyfacts, Unlike Ciara, Beyonce didn’t have to show off her baby bump to stay in the spotlight. This is the most attention Ciara has gotten in years and she is sure milking it! Once she has the baby it will be C-error who again?


  5. a

    How hold is that boy 21 22 years old come on that belly is way too big lol


  6. OnlyChrisJ

    She Looks Amazing Pregnant! Love You Cici


  7. TrinaFan

    Absolutely stunning!


  8. Syncer3

    I just seen here at the ugg store she was so sweet!


  9. Kyle

    Ciara looks absolutely gorgeous! I am so happy for her! I’m excited for some new music from her as well.


  10. Breaunna Bradley

    I love Ciara because I look up to her and I love all of her songs and I want her to known that she have a real men that is going to love her for her and not anything else. And most of all I am hope one day when I got my own ride that I can be able to meet her and the baby and Future and again I love all of her songs and Future songs as will and take care Ciara and I wish you a lot more days and good thing to come.


  11. lmao

    its fake photoshopped, ciara is a shemale she can’t have babies


  12. lmao

    its photoshopped , ciara can’t have babies she is a dude


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