New Music: Elle Varner – ‘F*ck It All’


For the fourth and final release in her four-letter word series, Elle Varner says “Fuck It All.” The raw and unbridled song, dedicated to the word “loss,” finds the singer on the verge of an emotional breakdown.

“‘Cause I can be a whole lot of things / Go on and clip my wings / Be a piss drunk bitch of a whore,” she sings.

Her sophomore album 4 Letter Word, executive produced by Pop & Oak, is due later this year.

If you missed any of her previous four-letter series songs, check out “Cole Case,” “See Me Tonight,” and “Little Do You Know.”


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  1. DRB

    Another home run. Bring on the album.


  2. No angel

    I love Elle I need this album ASAP


  3. Dave

    LOVE! So awaiting for this album.


  4. BEYHIVE2014

    Elle is the shit!!!!!!


  5. Ray

    how I feel most of the time, fuck it all!


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