New Music: Justin Bieber f/ Poo Bear – ‘Hard 2 Face Reality’

Justin Bieber

Fresh from his trip to Japan, Justin Bieber surprises his Beliebers by dropping a new song via his “Sir Bizzle” SoundCloud account. The pop sensation teams with songwriter-producer Poo Bear (Danity Kane, Lupe Fiasco) as he sings about relationship woes on the guitar-driven jam.

“Sometimes it’s hard to face reality, even though you might get mad at me,” he croons on the two-minute song.

Listen to Bizzle face the consequences of getting real.

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  1. Q

    This is really good


    Mandela Barb Reply:

    @Q, Certainly better than I expected, and I also like the picture they chose for the article. Good job, Rap-Up!
    Does the way he sounds on this song remind anyone else of Chris Brown, though? I’m just saying.


  2. Ice

    “Sir Bizzle”? I am so DEAD right now.


  3. M

    Okay, okay. This is actually good. More I hear from him, more I like his stuff now that he’s outta that corny pop. Kid has real talent, now he just needs to stop doing dumb sh*t and make more good music.


  4. Deejay

    Say what u want about the boy but when his music is good it’s Good. I could have done without the auto tune on his vocals tho. He doesn’t need it.


  5. B

    The whole track is good albeit short. Justin and Poo Bear sound really good together. It’s well done. Justin has been doing this for years but he’s definitely on the come up with his new R&B sound ;)


  6. Natalie



  7. Will

    This is awesome


  8. coolness

    This is surprisingly good! He does need to work on his vocals a lil’ bit though. He’s improved a lot since his debut and hopefully, that nasal aspect of his voice will decrease with age (and the help of a good vocal coach). Then again, you can’t blame him for having a thin voice. You gotta work with what you have and make the best out of it. See the older Justin for example. Anyway, hope to hear more of this grown up sound from him.


  9. Wow

    Love this, its really good. he’s made a few good tracks lately, just a shame it gets over shadowed by all the media shit and foolery


  10. Mao_the_cat

    Dope track! Damn, Justin Bieber makes better music than 95% of the popular artists today.. SMH

    And he sounds like he can really sing too!


  11. Ally

    “Sir Bizzle” lmao


  12. Beleiber girl

    its just a dope song my idol! you always surprise us with good songs love you justin…. <3


  13. bobs

    lookin like Vanilla Ice.


  14. madlekae

    Dude looks like he’s taking a dump.


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