DJ Khaled Announces New Single Featuring Jay Z

Jay Z and DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled has worked with hip-hop’s finest including Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Drake, and now he’s scored his biggest feature yet. The We the Best CEO has enlisted Jay Z for “They Don’t Love You No More,” the first single off his upcoming eighth album.

“I am honored to work with Jay Z on my new album,” said Khaled. “I’ve worked so hard to get to this point. My fans expect me to be greater and keep being great, so I made it my business and I made it a mission to secure more wins.”

In the trailer, Khaled rides through Jay Z’s old neighborhood of Marcy Projects and immerses himself in the world of the hip-hop mogul.

The follow-up to last year’s Suffering From Success is due later this year.

Watch Khaled’s big announcement below.

Photo credit: Kodak Lens

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  1. No talent

    How has this guy worked hard he does next to nothing or nothing at all on every project he releases….

    I’m surprised jay has jumped on one of his records tbh but I guess if his fee was paid


  2. Hov

    Go getting Hov. It’s your boyyyyyy


  3. saio

    like every fucking dj khaled song
    fucking officer ricky gonna be in it
    god dammit im really tired of the fucking same guys in “his” songs
    fuck officer ricky


    Chris Etrata Reply:

    @saio, Didn’t we talk about how his last album flopped yesterday?


  4. Jaja

    Oh boy it’s ganna be a HOT SUMMER.


  5. HA. Dipshit.

    From 2:53 to the end, I was just laughing. Who does this douche think he is? LOL. He’s a complete asshole. Yo…. I got to get da culture n’ shit. I got a feel ma homies. This gone be da biggest shit in da streets. STFU.



    JAY-Z was smart for this one. Despite how people feel about Dj Khaled, he keeps the streets hot, his music is what all the goons, smokers and hustlers listen too. I can see them performing this at Summer Jam now.


    Andy Reply:

    @BEDSTUYFLY, no caps?


    Gyary Reply:

    @”Grammar Police”, newsflash: the internet doesn’t care.


  7. Vince

    Yo this nigga is a like a fat ass 2nd grader, the whole time he was speaking it sounded like he was in class readin his “when I grow up” paper.


  8. Sharp Tongue

    DJ Khaled needs to give it up. #YouAreNotARapper


  9. Mordecai

    Drake, Rick Ross and Future will also be featured on the song.


    Chris Etrata Reply:

    @Mordecai, One right actually. The other 2 were meek mill and french montana, still guarenteed features, no new surprises.

    We suffer 8 years of khaled but no detox?


  10. bono

    I just hope its fire baby. HOV go harder then ye go and ye goes hard thats babe bro hahahhaha


  11. A



  12. freak

    Grown ass men dressed as 12 year olds!


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