New Music: Tiffany Evans – ‘Move That Dope (Remix)’

Move That Dope (Remix)

As part of her Tiffany Tuesdays series, Tiffany Evans drops her Little Lady remix to Future’s “Move That Dope.”

The 21-year-old songstress, best known for her 2007 single “Promise Ring,” takes charge with her bossy remake, singing and rapping over the Mike WiLL Made It-produced beat. She also plans to release a video for the song.

Future’s Honest hit has also inspired a much different remix from Busta Rhymes.

Listen to both below.

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  1. OnlyChrisJ

    She Did That!


  2. Niecy

    it’s aight….


  3. Yolas da dyalop tue

    Nice song alot of people will do their own remix to other artist song and why does she take so long to come out with a song or an album?


  4. Realist

    SMASHEDDDD it for the female side!! Smooth flow too. Any 1 who says different is clearly a hater…..smh


  5. EveRyder

    Tiffany did dat……I wish another label notice her again and scoop her up and give her another shot bcuz this girl along with jojo could be a force to be reckoned with in the industry. I hate matthew signed her and then let her go after all the destiny child ladies fired him. Tiffany has a lot talent to be gone to waste.


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