New Music: Pharrell Williams – ‘Smile’


Pharrell spreads more sunshine with “Smile,” a bonus track that appears on the Japanese edition of his second album G I R L.

Just like his hit “Happy” (which spends its 10th week at No. 1), the feel-good track features a catchy hook and optimistic lyrics. A joyous Pharrell sings about being a father and “F.E.A.R.,” which he defines as “false evidence of appearing real.”

During his visit to Howard Stern this week, he also revealed that “Happy” was originally recorded by CeeLo Green (“He wanted to do it, but I think some folks on his team just felt that the priority should’ve been on his album at the time”) and that he first offered Britney Spears’ “I’m a Slave 4 U” to Janet Jackson.

Stream “Smile” and listen to his full interview with Howard below.

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  1. Tesla Fan

    this is so ghey LOL


  2. b

    I’m a huge Pharrell stan since the 2000s.. but I hate to admit that this is pretty bad.


    m Reply:

    @b, its not that bad but he should have given it to someone else. I could see chance the rapper do really well with this.


    Ice Reply:

    @b, Same. I find Happy enjoyable, but this is wayyyy too happy.


    Nick Wright Reply:

    @Ice, Haha i agree it’s wayyy to happy for pharrell,and the production is kind of empty


  3. call me a hater

    If this was the first track I ever heard of pharrel, I would ask who is this beginner? Does he really think he can get a pass with this


  4. Nessa1226

    It’s something about you girl that just makes my head wanna twirl…


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