New Music: Lil Boosie – ‘Heart of a Lion’

Heart of a Lion

Lil Boosie feeds the streets with “Heart of a Lion,” the first release from his post-prison album Touchdown 2 Cause Hell, due July 15. The Baton Rouge rapper boasts about his animalistic instincts and rise from a “young dope dealer to a Don Corleone” on the autobiographical anthem.

“Five-foot-seven with the heart of a lion / Creep like a tiger and I stomp like a giant / Had to feed myself so a ni**a so defiant,” spits Boosie.

He has written over 1000 songs for his album and collaborated with Jeezy, 2 Chainz, T.I., and K. Michelle, who appears on the remix to “Show the World.”

Hear Boosie’s badazz song below.

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  1. 225

    STRAIGHT HEAT!!!!!!!!!


  2. d

    I’m a little dissapointed to be honest. I still like it… but it’s so damn repetitive, like I get it dude you’re not that tall you say it in the chorus, you don’t have to say it 10 times in the verses too. Last verse is classic boosie though, gotta love it. I couldn’t help but laugh at the beginning when he said “creep like a tiger tiger” in that low voice lmfao. Decent. I’m definitely waiting for that album though.


    morgan harris Reply:

    @d, True


  3. morgan harris

    Dope, just waiting for that album. “Let me chill, you knw they might be listening , you know they trying to get meh”.


  4. morgan harris

    Heart of A Lion


  5. deeznutzz

    fell off, you can see he doesnt have the same look in his eyes, he should scrap all the songs he wrote in jail and start fresh


  6. Lil D

    Im like boosie’s biggest fan, but he has never put a song out so weak. He trying to watch what he say and its not that same post prison boosie. Im still supporting him no matter what, but he’s not the same. Im not feeling this song at all, but lets see what the album will be like!!


  7. Kevin jefferson

    That’s wat it do you still in there badass from portcity bby


  8. Chelly B

    Ride or die we know his pain dwn here in BR sooo im supportin him no matter what!!!


  9. mon88

    Come on boosie i’m waiting……still banging savage life 4 til it drop


  10. Graphic Gary

    Boosie can do better, we all know that, I think he just teasing the masses. We can’t say shit until the album drop.


  11. Demarcus Vaughn

    I don’t like it, it comdon’t make me feel like that old boisie, that “”i know, i know” boosie, that “love me or leave me alone” boosie, that ” undeniable talent” boosie…..the beat is so corny and weak i H hate my nigga released this first because i been waiting to sine new boosie since 2009 because i just knew he was going to give us that real that the game been missing and he just haven’t and that’s fucked up how that system work i hope my nigga find himself again behind that Mic because its niggas who need that real he use to deliver. Ima fan for life because them old tracks still get me through my days but this don’t sound like no boosie that i Jan.


  12. Bradley

    This song is trash


  13. meela

    It was okay but I think they shoulda had some fyah ready for him. The new young rappers are bringing the heat. Kcamp is killing it. THere are new indies that make signed artists work harder, like Lil Whyte and Jacques Johnson.


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