Usher Premieres New Michael Jackson Single at iHeartRadio Music Awards


Usher helped world premiere Michael Jackson’s new single “Love Never Felt So Good” at Thursday’s iHeartRadio Music Awards. Following an introduction from Epic Records CEO L.A. Reid, the R&B superstar and an army of talented dancers performed while the song played for the first time.

“Love Never Felt So Good,” written by MJ and Paul Anka, is the first single off the King of Pop’s posthumous album Xscape, due May 13. Justin Timberlake is also featured on an alternate version.

It will make its radio debut on Friday morning.

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  1. UR

    2 Kings! He killed it


  2. Marie

    That song is definitely a hit. How did he keep such gem in archive all these years. Amazing. The song is already stuck in my head.


  3. Edward

    Chris Brown would have done a better job and taken it to another level that I feel no other artist can accomplish


  4. Am

    Usher did great but i wish chris brown was on it too!


    Isabella Reply:

    @Am, Yeah, Chris would’ve killed it.


    coolness Reply:

    @Am, let’s focus on Chris getting himself together before we talk about performing. Usher’s dancing at 35 is top notch.


    Rob Reply:

    @Am, Usher and Chris Brown? The stage would burn and the crowd would sing ‘Let it burn’. I am ready for Usher’s new album he did great!


  5. George

    Usher killed it, great way to introduce MJ’s latest single which sounds very good by the way, nice production work.



    Amazing performance, Usher killed it!
    I miss u MJ <3


  7. _DoLeo

    Ciara would’ve added even more to a Usher and Chris Brown performance #WishfulThunking … I’m excited for this new MJ album !


  8. JD

    I really like this track. Usher did a great job too.


  9. Mao_the_cat

    I don’t care for this song or Michael Jackson. But Usher’s dancing is beyond great!!!!


  10. Mike

    Chris would have danced better but great performance nonetheless.


  11. yasss

    This is the first time I have seen someone perform MJ’S song the right way. Usher is so smooth and precise. Chris is too rough.


  12. Walid

    Breezy would’ve killed This Shit


  13. *keisha*

    He did gr8


  14. Jon

    Chris Brown’s a lousy, live performer. I’m sure all grown-ups would agree that Usher was probably the best choice for the lil’ tribute dance.


  15. rnblove

    2 KINGS!!!!!


  16. rnblove

    Can’t wait for Usher’s new album…. The King Of R&B!


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