Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins, & L.A. Reid Discuss Michael Jackson’s ‘Xscape’

Timbaland and Rodney Jerkins

Earlier today, Michael Jackson fans got to hear a new song from the pop icon called “Love Never Felt So Good.” The disco-soul jam, which features Justin Timberlake, will appear on his posthumous album Xscape.

Some of the producers including Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins, and Stargate sat down with Billboard editor Joe Levy to discuss the project, which includes eight unreleased songs originally recorded between 1983 and 1999.

“What drives us is we really want to make a difference and Michael Jackson was the perfect artist who spoke to all of us,” said Epic Records CEO L.A. Reid, who serves as the album’s executive producer. “He tapped us on the shoulder and said, ‘Would you just do me one small favor and remind people that I’m the greatest?’ And we all said yes.”

Timbaland added, “Michael was one of the greatest entertainers. I felt like I had to dig in to a place where it’s deeper than just music.”

Rodney Jerkins, who worked on the title track with MJ, admitted that he was hesitant at first. “I worked with Michael before and I knew what his expectations were, what his standards were,” he said. “Once L.A. played me the music, I was all the way in.”

The behind-the-scenes clip is part of a documentary, which is available on the deluxe edition of Xscape, due May 13.

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  1. Malika

    I don’t get it. Everyone mad at Drake (including Timb) releasing Aaliyah tracks without family consent.

    Yet they’re doing the exact same with MJ but no one is saying anything. And this is his 2nd post-humous release!



    2bad2bme Reply:

    @Malika, He said that because Drake didn’t even know Aaliyah and never worked with her… They worked with Michael and knew his vision for his upcoming album before he died that’s why.


    Unk Reply:

    @2bad2bme, exactly big difference


    reason Reply:

    @2bad2bme, wrong mj was never planning another studio album anytime soon. he only was toruing to pay off some of his debt. n timbaland never worked with mj ever… so timbaland is a major hypocrite


  2. Mao_the_cat

    It is still so funny to me how people like MJ now and while he was alive and releasing singles, nobody gave a damn.. lol

    I still don’t. He died, so what. Many people die. I feel more sorry for Whitney because she actually released some dope singles in her late career. I can’t say the same for Mike


    Doc Reply:

    @Mao_the_cat, ignorant af


    Kaizo Reply:

    @Mao_the_cat, what the hell are you talking about? MJ sold over 200 million albums. Do you even know how many #1′s he had? What world are you living in, if you think people didn’t give a damn about him. He was the biggest artist in the entire world when he was alive, and still is today. Not one artist in the world has the global exposure MJ has dead or alive.


  3. Damian Sochan

    Hmmm, I am not therefore


  4. JD

    I like what I’ve heard so far.


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