Album Cover: Jennifer Lopez – ‘A.K.A.’


Ay mami! Jennifer Lopez brings the heat with the red-hot cover art for her 10th album A.K.A., which stands for Also Known As. The multi-faceted superstar and mother of two shows off her banging body in a bondage-inspired dress with her breasts strapped in.

She revealed to Jimmy Kimmel that she was considering two titles for the album, Same Girl and A.K.A., before ultimately deciding on the latter.

“I feel like I’ve been given so many monikers, and I do a lot of different things,” said J.Lo.

The album has spawned the buzz tracks “Same Girl” and the DJ Mustard-produced “Girls,” plus the singles “I Luh Ya Papi” featuring French Montana and the Max Martin-produced “First Love.”

She has collaborated with an all-star cast including Chris Brown (“Emotions”), Robin Thicke and Wiz Khalifa (“Loveline”), Maxwell (“I Wanna Love”), Nas (“Trouble”), Rick Ross (“No Worries”), and Pitbull (“Big Booty”).

A.K.A. is set for release on June 17.

What do you think of J.Lo’s cover art? Weigh in below.

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  1. Bowtobey

    Wow she is so beautiful


  2. xoxo

    one of the baddest!


  3. Apslul

    I love JLO but this will bomb like the rest of her albums. Trash!


    AK Reply:

    @Apslul, Why must everyone be so negative? If you don’t like her fair enough … don’t listen and don’t buy her music. Even if her albums dont sell, she is still worth millions. Keep hating, she still more successful than you’ll ever be.


    JLOVER Reply:

    @Apslul, so you love @Jlo or hate her. you cant have both. And i dont recall her Albums being Trash. Your confuse child. Jlo is the most powerful Female she has so much talent She Beat any other. #JLOVER4LIFE


  4. moe

    incredible ! the cover will give a sales push !!!!!!!! first love is a great song but not a hit material .


  5. Victor

    Amazing! She is so hot!! I’m excited for it


  6. 2bad2bme

    best album cover in a long time


  7. Ice

    What a goddess, she’s like fine wine.


  8. lmaoAtHaters



  9. rspn

    photoshop all the way !


  10. Sandra B.

    I don’t really like the album’s name but the cover looks great.


    Girl Bye Reply:

    @Sandra B., RIGHT! As an AKA I am not a fan of the the title either…if you are not a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha do not use this.


    Bored Reply:

    @Girl Bye, girl fuck you and yo sorority! AKA stands for also know as. Alpha Kappa Alpha? Ain’t nobody got time for that!


  11. Nicky

    Jennifer better show these young girls how its done!!! She’s 44 and looks better than some of y’all faves out here. The slayage is oh so real! I’m excited for this album, she’s put a lot of work into it and I’m dying to hear the songs with Maxwell, Robin Thicke and Wiz Khalifa.


  12. Mordecai

    This album is about to be a problem.


  13. freak

    She looks like Madonna in her 1990ies hey days!
    Hair is VMA win for ‘Take a Bow’ in 1996 and SEX book 1990/1.
    I am not a fan but Madonna didn’t have that much of retouch back then …And a much much better body!
    Been there , done that!
    But hey, JLo is not the only pop ”godess” ripping off old Madonna archives!
    (Most of you are just too young to know or remember)


    Major Sushi Reply:

    @freak, Bitch, don’t make me take out my tios machete! That hairstyle existed WAY before Madonnas time. A lot of latinas sported that hairstyle WAYY before Madonna was even born.


  14. Channy

    I love her! I’m hype for this album!


  15. Mao_the_cat

    A bit transexual I must say.. that jaw line and boney cheeks


  16. MileyCyrusFan

    Is that a MAN? OMG


    Nick Reply:

    @MileyCyrusFan, Really? “Miley” is the most masculine female singer ever, and ugly too. Get the hell out of here. Jennifer Lopez is beautiful, not even a fan of most of her music.


  17. JLOVER



  18. Love?

    I prefer “Same Girl” as the album title. The song is also fire. I assume theses songs will make the cut

    Chris Brown (“Emotions”)
    Robin Thicke and Wiz Khalifa (“Loveline”) Maxwell (“I Wanna Love”) Nas (“Trouble”)
    Rick Ross (“No Worries”)
    Pitbull (“Big Booty”)
    French Montana (“I Luh Ya Papi”)
    “First Love”
    “Same Girl”


  19. Mao_the_cat

    She actually does look manly here


  20. bibi93



  21. Nicole Kim The Blogger

    Jlo’s image though not perfect is something that many women can relate too. Thanks for making the choices that you believed were good for you. #Abornewords


  22. wellabella

    Anybody looks good air brushed


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