Iggy Azalea and Keyshia Cole Perform ‘I’m Coming Out’ in Brooklyn

Keyshia Cole and Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea checked into Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg on Sunday night for the third installment in Steve Madden Music’s free concert series. In between stops on her “New Classic Tour,” the rap sensation performed her hits “Fancy” and “Work” off her debut The New Classic, which opened at No. 3 this week.

She was also joined by Steve Madden spokeswoman Keyshia Cole for the first performance of their Diana Ross cover “I’m Coming Out” off The Other Woman soundtrack.

“Big love for @keyshiacole too, you’re the sweetest!” tweeted Iggy. “Means a lot that you came out!”

Watch the ladies rock the stage at Hotel Iggy.

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  1. Jay

    SLAY IGGY!!!


  2. OnikaUpscotty

    Lol at there being 4 people in the crowd


  3. Percine

    Iggy is lip syncing, look at 0.22


    @taimiicel Reply:

    @Percine, Backing track


  4. SpeakinDaTruth

    Oh Keyshia, I love you girl, but you need to work on them vocals. You’re still giving us the same tired as runs and the same mediocre performances. Go put that “Just Like You” on repeat and inspire yourself baby.


    KC is the shit Reply:

    @SpeakinDaTruth, H** STFU…same vocals? And her coins are still accruing. Stay mad! Bloop.


    Mao_the_cat Reply:

    @SpeakinDaTruth, I soooo agree. JUST LIKE YOU is her best song and best album (if that was the title of it, well..the album that song is on). !!! she needs to go back to that type of songs and singing…


  5. Robdakid

    Wait….did keyshia say izzy then iggy? Lol


    High_Price Reply:

    @Robdakid, She sure did…. How tf she do that? Keyshia is missing something this era….. FANZ…lol nobody even checking for her album…she shot and released two song an videos…yet America hasnt even looked her way…sad to be in a Beyonce type of world…and b4 ya’ll think im Stanning for B…. #CSquad


  6. rashad

    Yassss keyshia shut em down I luv her so much


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