Met Gala 2014: Beyoncé & Jay Z, Rihanna, Kanye West & Kim Kardashian, Frank Ocean, Rita Ora, Solange

Jay Z and Beyoncé

From Frank Ocean to Rihanna, the stars dressed up and showed out at the 2014 Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York on Monday. This year’s dress code was white tie, inspired by British fashion designer Charles James known as “America’s First Couturier.”

Before they walk down the aisle this month, Vogue cover stars Kanye West and Kim Kardashian walked the red carpet in Lanvin.

“On the Run” couple Jay Z and Beyoncé got decked out in Givenchy and held hands as they made their royal entrance.

Rihanna wowed in a white midriff-baring Stella McCartney show-stopper with her hair pinned up.

Performer Frank Ocean was dapper in a white tuxedo, Solange traded her natural hair for a short bob and a 3.1 Phillip Lim dress, Rita Ora was a golden goddess in Donna Karan Atelier, and Janelle Monáe electrified in Tadashi Shoji.

Givenchy muse Erykah Badu rocked the carpet in a top hat and white coat, while fashion killas A$AP Rocky and Chanel Iman cozied up in couture.

See all the glamorous looks from fashion’s biggest night below.

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  1. karamelkisses

    hands down best dressed is rihanna! yes, navy I said it … that white 2 piece & the draping in the back is just stunning. I don’t like the hair and she should have worn pasties because her nipples are VERY noticeable. kim & kanye look a mess in that Lanvin, very messy. jay always looks stylish & tailored in his suits but beyonce! you & ty need to get it together … I hate this Givenchy look this year & I hated it last year. I hate the slick back hair, the veil, the dress … just NO!


    MVRII Reply:

    @karamelkisses, Obviously you didn’t see Rita Ora. Out of them she had the best dress, but out of the whole Gala, the girl who had the flower dress won.


    Major Sushi Reply:

    @MVRII, excuse me? did you not see what Rita’s shoes? It’s ballerina shoes! It ruins the whole thing!!


    diana Reply:

    @karamelkisses, Yes Rihanna is the best dressed. Beyonce looks like he just stunk up her bed clothes.


  2. hilarybanxxx

    Ri is for sure the best dressed female. I liked Bey’s look from last year better than this one. Kim looks basic and Kanye looks unhappy with her as always. And anyone else is irrelevant.


  3. You Mad?

    Um Beyonce Dafuq is that? Rihanna dress is best dress for real tho! Solange dress colour compliments her skin well!


  4. Calvin

    I dunno why rita is even here. She should be ashamed breathing the same air with the queens rihanna and bey


    regina Reply:

    @Calvin, jealous bitch. Rita can buy and sell your her ass off her first album oops


  5. xedos

    The sad thing is, if rihanna wear what Beyonce is wearing she would pull it off


    meme Reply:

    @xedos, lol truth. Rihanna looks good in anything. I mean anything. Something about beyonce look I just don’t like. Its an interestin dress but she just looks so blan


  6. NASIR

    Ri NEVER disappoints everything on her is always so effortless looking. Bey & Jay look great as well.


  7. NASIR

    And where is Lupita Nyongo? Rap Up get it together.


    Kelly Reply:

    @NASIR, What do all these people have in common ? Music on a music site
    Where is John Legend? BTW Lupita looks like a hot mess


    ryan Reply:

    @Kelly, john legend is right there. look again.


  8. Sharp Tongue

    Janelle should have stayed her ass at home.


  9. zain

    Lupita she’s Pretty smart women unlike the rest black ladies out there big features and bleach skin.#eastafrican


  10. zain

    Where is my east african model’s Liya and Iman. want see pretty features!


  11. Mb92

    Bey’s dress makes her look a little older than she is!


  12. kate

    wtf is that Solange?



    Rihanna is stunning!


  14. ladybuglove

    RI looks like an angel in that white.Amazing! definitely best dressed!


  15. Rick

    Queen B looked the best of all utterly Beautiful
    Ri looked cute but not the best those tattoos and that cut off just noooooo… But Bey my girl stole the night


  16. Mano

    And best dress goes to? Who gives a fuck lol the all look good and are Rich as FUCK


  17. Bitches In Paris

    YASSSS BEY & JAY & RIH !!!


  18. paschal

    Solange dress looks so funny.lmao….she looks horrible on that dress…Riri looks simpy amazing, best dressed by miles.


  19. Maya

    Kim looked boring af. & WHAT? I love Bey’s look! Rihanna dress is gorg, I’m not here for that hair tho. Erykah >>


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