New Music: Usher – ‘Good Kisser’

Good Kisser

Ten years ago, Usher changed the R&B game with his career-defining album Confessions. Now the R&B superstar is back to claim his throne with “Good Kisser,” the first single off his upcoming eighth album. On the slick and seductive jam, Ursh sings the praises of one special lady’s luscious lips.

“I done been around the world, I done kissed a lot of girls so I’m guessing that it’s true,” croons “The Voice” coach. “Don’t nobody kiss it like you, don’t nobody kiss it like you.”

The song was co-written by Usher with Andrew “Pop” Wansel, Ronald “Flip” Colson, Jameel Roberts, Terry “Tru” Sneed, and Warren “Oak” Felder, and produced by Pop, Flip, JProof, Terry “Tru” Sneed, Natural, and Oak.

It is now available on iTunes, while his new album is due this September.

Listen to Usher put it down on the bedroom banger.

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  1. David

    Cool song… But September?! Yeah I guess just enough time to deem this as a “promotional/buzz” single


    Meme Reply:

    @David, lol so true.


  2. Sheen

    HELLO USHER! THIS is the growth and maturity I’ve been looking for from Usher. The EDM mess was cool, but moreso for the younger kids. He gave us straight Sam Cooke / Marvin Gaye with this track. I don’t feel the public is gonna receive this well, but I do think it’ll end up being a buzz single (unless he promotes this song until he can’t no more) but nonetheless a step in the right direction, musically.


  3. Meme

    This song was everything. The production and writing is great and the built up was dope.


  4. mumi

    I feel heavy JT vibes.


  5. D. Kells

    Well I’m a bit disappointed myself what I thought I was going to hear was the beat and the flow from the teasers but that was just at the end.

    But let me say this before I get beaten down on my comment. I love Ushers music always has and always will but I will be honest and clear when I’m not feeling his songs. He is one of the kings and is one of the best and has been since he came out. I know this album will be great because he always delivers great albums. But I wanted more of a smooth track and beat like the teasers were.

    Usher is one king of R&B and being a R&B fan of the 90′s I hope he and my other King and favorite R. Kelly make another hut together.

    So I’m looking forward to this album a lot I know it will be a hit but this single I’m not feeling. But Usher is still a mature singer, performer and writer and still one of the best so I can’t wait for this video because I know he will dance and perform well. Keep making music Usher


  6. Mthoko

    This Song Is wack Fuck U


  7. True Story

    This song sounds like an album filler this could have easily been on Confessions the production definitely sounds like it. This will most definitely end up being a buzz single.


  8. Rob

    usher did it again


  9. Rashidi

    After some listens i have to say the track is fun. I can tell this was fun to make and its really creative. Its organic. I like this direction.


  10. Miszi

    It sounds nice, great vocals however I’m extremely dissapointed that the beat from 1st teaser appears only at the end. Such a shame.


  11. Morgan

    Love this song and I haven’t loved much from Usher in quite some time. Well done.


  12. Vance

    This song is dope as fuck but it isn’t even in the iTunes top 50 yet the top 20 is mostly a bunch of bullshit. Come on, it’s USHER, the real Usher not the EDM Usher. Last of days …smh.


    Foxx Reply:

    @Vance, Right! At least he’s number 3 on the R&B chart


  13. JD

    I like this a lot. Love that flute in the production.


  14. Monae

    I’m diggin’ it!!! If this is any indication of what his new album is going to sound like, Usher is BACK!!


  15. natasha



  16. Dave

    WHY IS THIS BEING SLEPT ON! This is the usher we’ve all been waiting for!


  17. Rickey Belafonte

    Love the beat but the lyrics are lacking substance. With that being said, sounds like a radio hit that will get played out fast.


  18. JD

    I really don’t like the video or that prelude but after a few days I really like this track. Can’t get it out of my noggin’. I love the production.


  19. Yaya

    I love this track. I am so happy he doesn’t have the usual rapper on the song like everyone else. I am concerned about lack of promotion. All he did was tweet and released the video. I see why Bey just dropped her album, cause black artist don’t get the same promo.

    I think this song will be a hit, but not one of those quick hits. Which could be a good thing


  20. Kia

    Usher’s music has always been a reflection of what is happening in his life. Versus was wack and you can tell he wasn’t focused on the music. Based on this track and vocals, I would say he’s in a better place in his life now and hopefully his music will reflect it. I do hope to hear more romantic songs, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a missing element from the new album since he’s currently single.


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