New Music: Tyga f/ The Game – ‘ChiRaq to LA’

The Game and Tyga

Shots fired. Tyga claps back at Lil Durk on his own remix to Nicki Minaj’s “Chiraq.” After the Chicago MC dissed him on Meek Mill’s remix, the Young Money rapper comes back with a fiery five-minute freestyle featuring The Game.

“Ni**as thinkin’ that they MCs, can’t get touched / Well it’s Hammer time / Who the fuck is Lil Durk / I dust you like ash and purp / Your flow wack, my flow crack,” spits T-Raww.

Game also takes aim at his longtime rival, 40 Glocc. “Talkin’ ’bout my kids on Instagram / Ni**a must wanna get his ass socked again,” he raps. “Tell a lie like I pulled out a Glock on him / Don’t make me resurrect Pac again / And school boy like Kendrick and Top and them / Have a bitch ni**a runnin’ to the cops again.”

The Compton MC jumps to Tyga’s defense. “Durk who ni**a, never heard of these ni**as … I’m taking pictures, I’m takin’ chains / I’m Yung Bergin’ these ni**as.”

Hear them declare war on their diss track “ChiRaq to LA.”

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  1. Bitches In Paris

    Game verse >>


  2. wtf

    does Tyga have lipstick on or?


    AJ Reply:



  3. umut

    game is killed this.fırst tıme ı heard great verse lıke that from game :)


    hobartmozart Reply:

    @umut, the game gas always been the shit fool


  4. thedon

    The Game’s verse was better than Nicki’s


    JustCoastWitHa Reply:

    @thedon, Well..that’s a great accomplishment for him. My bish getn a rise outta these niggas


    K Reply:

    @JustCoastWitHa, Lol.


  5. MCA



  6. The Shaded Truth

    I don’t get Tyga at all. Game is everything and more. Want to see him naked. #ThatIsAll


  7. A Realist

    Never been a fan of Game, but he spazzzzzed on this! Impressed.


  8. Andy

    so funny how they can diss each other in songs without taking it to interviews or making a big deal of it. That’s why you-know-who-old-bitch is inexistent currently. She based her 2010-2012 career in a one-side-beef.


    Frijoles refritos Reply:

    @Andy, what are you talking about?


  9. kerry

    fuck all niggas under the 6


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