Rap-Up TV: JoJo Talks New Label, Album, & Working with Pharrell

It’s a new day for JoJo. After exiting her deal with Blackground Records late last year, the singer has signed with Atlantic and is back in the studio working on her long-awaited third album.

“It’s so refreshing to be at a new home and have a different experience. It’s so exciting!” she told Rap-Up TV after headlining L.A.’s Broccoli Festival on Saturday. “I wake up every day having energy in places that I thought I didn’t anymore. I just feel so encouraged and optimistic, and I haven’t felt that way in so long.”

Earlier this year, she began recording the follow-up to 2006′s The High Road. “The goal is just to come up with the strongest body of work and really represent everything that has been culminating within me for the last however many years.”

She is bringing her vision to life with help from Da Internz, Gino Barletta (“Disaster”), and Noisecastle III, as well as some up-and-coming producers.

“It’s just been so long since I’ve released an album that really what I wanna bring is just quality,” said JoJo. “I wanna bring big songs. I want them to touch a wide range of people and I really want it to represent my very best work. I’m really not thinking about what other people are doing. I’m thinking about representing my personal best, delivering powerful vocals, and being honest and as raw as possible.”

She also plans to get in the studio with Pharrell Williams, who enlisted her for “Freq” off his album G I R L. “I’m such a fan of that album and the fact that my little vocals are on it, I’m super happy,” she said.

But for now, she’s enjoying her freedom. “I just wanna work harder than ever and not sleep at all. This is what I’ve been waiting for and I just wanna seize the friggin’ moment.”

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  1. Shutterbug

    I’m sorry…but she should’ve LEARNED from the hell of her past label and gone INDEPENDENT. She’s relevant enough to succeed there…


    No Reply:

    @Shutterbug, You have no idea what you’re talking about. Her issues weren’t because her label didn’t want to put out her album.

    The label issues were because she signed a 7 album contract when she was a poor 12 year old, then her label had a load of their own unrelated problems which caused them to go bankrupt yet they refused to release her for years.

    She no doubt did learn from her previous label, and got her lawyers to scan every last square millimetre of the contract.


    Major Sushi Reply:

    @Shutterbug, Please, go to your nearest encyclopedia and look up “contract”


  2. Deleong

    She’s done! Lol who’s checking for Jojo? Hang it up


    Chile please Reply:

    @Deleong, hush little peasant.


    Major Sushi Reply:



  3. Pauli

    only love for her <3


  4. Lisa

    She deserves every ounce of success.. and I really hope she gets it this time around


  5. P_Smoov

    I’m so ready for JoJo to come back !!! Been rocking with her since her first single and through all the trials and tribulations she’s gonna come back as the BEAST that she is , I can’t waaaaait to support her singles, albums, tours, etc.


  6. Greg:lom



    SoOuter Reply:

    @Greg:lom, THIS
    from #LOVEJO to AgapĂ© to just random singles, people aren’t ready for this heat. The evolution of Jojo is just phenomenal.


  7. Alexandra

    SO so so so happy for her. This comeback is gonna be HUGE!


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