Video: Diggy Simmons f/ Trevor Jackson – ‘My Girl’


Diggy is back and breaking hearts once again in the video for his new single “My Girl” featuring fellow heartthrob Trevor Jackson.

The 19-year-old son of Rev Run gets his grown man on as he caters to the ladies, but he has his eye on one in particular. He takes her for a ride in his red McLaren and suits up, while Trevor charms his admirers with his smooth moves.

The D’Mile-produced song is the first single off Diggy’s upcoming album sophomore album.

Kick back and let the fellas ease your mind.

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  1. Surfboart

    Diggy I c u! am I first tho?!


  2. Yes.

    Hate it all you want diggy has talent and Trevor Jackson is just yes I can’t wait to hear more from both guys


  3. Kalin

    Trevor Jackson made this damn song lol. Kid’s gifted.


  4. slyboi

    great song, great collab. The background ooo and aaah’s are a little annoying though lol.


  5. that's my jam

    they really need to do a better job of promotng these two young men at Atlantic

    very talented. buy some vevo ad time or some youtube ad time or something. Put em on Ellen or Fallon or something. Not just BET


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