Mariah Carey Brings ‘The Elusive Chanteuse’ to ‘Letterman’

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey returned to “The Late Show with David Letterman” on Wednesday, her first appearance in almost five years. The pop superstar discussed her new album Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse, acting in Lee Daniels’ movies, and her twins, Moroccan and Monroe.

“She way out-divas me,” said Mariah of her three-year-old daughter.

She also revealed that she is down to the wire on her album, due May 27. “I keep changing the date and it’s only because I want people to experience this album as a body of work,” said Mimi. “I keep saying that and yet everybody around me is saying, ‘So what’s the single?’”

With her iPhone in hand, she tried to make Dave his own Mariah album title using TIME’s interactive tool, but she lost the page.

Plus, she showed off the self-portrait that inspired the title for her new album, and had a message for the critics: “If we are going to critique the Me. I Am Mariah, you are technically critiquing a three-year-old, so stop it.”

Watch Mariah in all her diva glory below.

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  1. LJ

    Love Mariah, but I don’t buy this 3 year old drawing story at all.


    stan Reply:

    @LJ, I didn’t, at first, but then in an interview in 2006-2009 or smth, they mentioned the drawing and there’s even an older picture of it in like 2005.

    it’s surprisingly legit.


  2. SoNasty&SoRude

    Looks like she weighs a ton. Is she eating her weight because this album cycle has been a complete disaster??


    stan Reply:

    @SoNasty&SoRude, I think she takes medication for her arm still. She said she still has to do physical therapy for it and those steroids can cause facial bloating.


  3. mon88

    i like thick mimi


  4. Kemar (@S_C_Jr on Twitter)

    Mariah looks fine. Stop being a hater. I’m glad the album is FINALLY coming out after numerous delays. It probably won’t sell as well as if she had released after #Beautiful but I know it’s gonna be good + I always support good music at he end of the day.


  5. fa

    i don’t give a shit about her weight!
    All I want is for her to sing a straight note for god’s sake.
    Stop that asthma whistle note (cause Shanice and Chante do it much better anyway)
    and sit down , stop overproducing, doubling and harmonizing and SING!
    I miss my ”first- 2 -albums-Mariah”!


    P Reply:

    Meanwhile as a opera vocal coach, Mariah AND Chante Moore have that airy sound in the upper reaches of their range because they sing from their gut/diaphragm as they should. Shanice does not. Shanice sings from her throat which is why she why it always sounds so forced and you see the veins her neck all the time. Volume does not equal talent. Fact is, whether she sounds a little fatigued or worn at times, Mariah’s technique is textbook flawless in her execution. She’s clearly someone with a vocal coach for a mother. One of the greats, past to present. Stop talking foolishness.


  6. katy perry

    holy fuck she’s fat


  7. Rhett

    It’s so sad that she still doesn’t get it.


  8. Danny_Peters

    She looks so tired to speak and be so stiff that her belly don’t explode in live television.
    It’s a shame that her cover art is so photoshopped… only frustrations… Maybe she need to put “a mariah” painted at the actual age in cover front. :))


  9. Mao_the_cat

    Her face is fat.
    She looks nothing like the album cover.

    How desperate you must be to let them photoshop you that much! Come on Mariah, we all know you’re getting old so just accept your fat face and body.


    Jake From State Farm Reply:

    @Mao_the_cat, The album cover was shot while she was still a judge on American Idol when she was at different body weight. It’s a shame that women in the limelight have to deal with fat shaming and ageism on a constant basis.


  10. Mariah

    Me . I Am The Elusive Chanteuse


  11. errm

    Geeze did she fell on a tub of lard? She gained so fast. Anyway I can’t wait for her album.


  12. Kyle

    I love how he asked her a question about her kids and she ignored that and jumped into defending her album and why she pushed it back. And then the longest part of the interview is when she was talking about a movie she was in like 5 years ago…


  13. freak

    Arihana Grinder sounds like Mariah!
    Mariah looks like she swallowed Arianna!


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