New Music: Chromeo f/ Solange – ‘Lost on the Way Home’

White Women

While she readies her next album, Solange reunites with Chromeo on “Lost on the Way Home” for the duo’s fourth album White Women. Following their 2010 collaboration “When the Night Falls,” the trio rekindles their chemistry on the ’80s electro-funk record.

“Dave and P are seriously some of the sweetest and most genuine, talented dudes I know…just good people,” said Solange. “When they played the instrumental for ‘Lost on the Way,’ I immediately knew that was the jam and I wrote the melodies and lyrics to my parts super fast and recorded it that night. It flowed really organically, and working with them always feels that way.”

The entire album is now available to stream on iTunes in advance of its May 12 release.

Listen to their infectious duet below.

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  1. m.i.k.e.

    this song is hot as hell, for some reason Solange is the most talented of the family, too bad she can’t entertain a crowd even if her life depended on it


    CCcertified Reply:

    @m.i.k.e., Girl whet? Have you ever even been to a Solange show, she’s baby Beysus and definitely knows how not only to entertain but also how to sing live. don’t get on here making comments bashing girls with more talent in their left pinky than you possess in your entire body


    nope Reply:

    @m.i.k.e., zZZzz you can appreciate her without trying to discredit the other. cause if we wanna keep it real she not touching bey at all. She’s talented in her own right though, so appreciate and keep it moving.


    ArchBishopOprah Reply:

    @m.i.k.e., ummm solange is amazing live!! Have you even been to a show?…….I’ll wait


  2. CCcertified

    Chromeo x Solange just delivered. I was fortuante to see both of them at Coachella last month and they murked their sets. Can’t wait to buy this album next week…sooo good to see these two acts getting the recognition they deserve.


  3. Solo

    Really like that 80s sound Solange brings into her music. A different taste of what todays music sounds like.


  4. Major Sushi



  5. JD

    Loved it from the opening. Beautiful. Real artistry.


  6. kj

    Dope. Can’t wait for her album.


  7. kate

    ohhhhhhhhh my god speechless my girl solo


  8. Jessie

    Wow… Just wow solange is really dope the guys are cool too but personally solange makes this song if I were her I would look into taking this instrumental and writing a full solo version for herself I cannot wait for her sophomore album solange’s lane today is that 80′a inspired disco tracks as well as bro soul she does well to I love her


  9. Naatey

    Chromeo’s White Women along with Cherub’s The Year Of The Caprese are some my most anticipated albums coming out this summer. Fans of Chromeo have to check out Cherub they’re amazing!


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