Video: Eminem f/ Nate Ruess – ‘Headlights’


In honor of Mother’s Day, Eminem shines a light on his relationship with his mother in the emotional video for his Marshall Mathers LP 2 single “Headlights” featuring fun.’s Nate Ruess.

Directed by Spike Lee, the cinematic clip was shot through the eyes of Em’s mother Debbie Mathers and features video and photos from his childhood growing up in 8 Mile in Detroit.

“It’s a great, great story. It’s heartfelt, some pain in it, but that’s life,” said Spike, who’s directed iconic videos for Michael Jackson, Prince, and Public Enemy. “So that’s why we’re here, back in the ‘hood, 8 Mile Detroit, shooting where all this took place.”

While they’ve had a tumultuous past, Em celebrates all the sacrifices his mom made for him and apologizes for publicly shaming her in a handwritten letter.

Watch the nostalgic Spike Lee joint below.

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  1. jimscreechie

    Sad sh*t on a Sunday.


  2. Hasan

    I expected more creative work from Spike Lee.


    LADOPUTI Reply:

    @Hasan, these r lados and putis


  3. Gabi

    Sad how their r/ship hasn’t improved since his first album and still now its so upside down… So sad


  4. Fingie

    That’s beautiful!


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