Usher Performs ‘Good Kisser’ on ‘The Voice’


Chitty chitty bang bang. Usher performed his brand new single “Good Kisser” for the first time on Monday’s episode of “The Voice.”

Accompanied by his talented dancers, the R&B crooner wowed with his impressive moves while recreating the sexy music video, while his fellow “Voice” coaches Shakira, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton looked on.

Just last week, Usher revealed that Chris Brown will be featured on his upcoming album.

Pull the trigger on Ursh’s hot and sweaty set below.

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  1. rnblove

    T H E
    K I N G


  2. 2bad2bme

    he need to stop wearing these hot jackets and cut that hair…give us some grown and sexy sh*t Usher


  3. Gyary



  4. teetee

    yyyaaassss queen fefe (shawty with the onlg braids at the end) is doin it super big. go girl!


  5. Rob



  6. Dave



  7. JD

    One of the best performance Usher has done in a while but still could have been a lot better.

    Shakira really did not look impressed.

    Why is he always dripping thought?


  8. Slim

    Yessss promo!

    I’m happy that Usher is promoting this track! He needs to hit places like Good Morning America and push this song down our throats the SAME way Miguel did for Adorn. This track is infectious and EVERYbody I played it for fell in love over time.

    The performance lacked energy. It seems like Usher wasn’t as prepared, under the weather, or something. His vocals sounded tired, he stayed away from the high register a lot (although this is a vocally challenging song)… Needs to learn Bey’s technique with the half live / half pre recorded vocals.


  9. freak

    MJ rehearsal quality!
    I like him though


  10. chris

    I would be like Shakria here. Sorry.


  11. Oubie

    Is he serious? 1st single? :(


  12. Rozay-MMG

    Classical isshh


  13. Yaya

    I likes the performance. Could he have done better, HELL YEAH! But, we all must remember that singing live and dancing is hard and why many performers don’t even attempt it. Then Usher, who has spent more time in court fighting Tameka’s bum ass, than performing , he has to get the rust off. But, if this is his starting point and after seeing the MJ tribute, I am impressed.

    Now, the lack of promo is BS. R&B gets no love, then so called R&B fans want to whine around Grammy time. Usher needs a new team. He is in LA, do the radio interviews. This song is hot, but many people wait to jump on songs once they are told it’s hot.


  14. Deidre

    Love the song, disappointed by the performance as there was too much going on IMO. ONE GIRL would have been sufficient as he could have focused on her and spent less time with unnecessary, erratic moves. More vocals, Usher, please. When Blake and Shakira performed, their singles shot up the iTunes top 100 — Usher’s fell.


    Foxx Reply:

    @Deidre, it’s R&B and unfortunately a black R&B artist can’t get the same response as other artists outside the genre


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