Tyga Unveils His First Art Piece


Tyga is adding artist to his résumé. The Last Kings rapper unveiled his first work of art to the world on Instagram. Inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat, the piece features an Egyptian theme found in many of Tyga’s visuals.

“Just created my first art piece! #basquiat #Inspired #Dope #Kingshit,” he tweeted.

The reactions ranged from the supportive to downright mean. “Basquiat 2.0,” wrote one commenter, while another added, “Good god, that’s awful.”

Tyga is also putting the finishing touches on his next musical masterpiece The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty, which is being executive produced by Kanye West.

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  1. gagging

    these basic bitches kill me


  2. Ghetto Fab

    SMH It’s one thing to be inspired, its another to practically copy. This is straight up Basquiat. Try again Tyga.


    BS Reply:

    @Ghetto Fab, What else can you expect from a group who copies everything from other artists, wayne, nick, drake, now toga….


    Hassan Reply:

    @BS, this is tragic…
    Copy paste alien generation!
    Their leader (from Venus) is Gaga


  3. chris

    Looks like the felt tip pens were running out. Looks like doodles you do in class when you’re bored.
    Looks like when you’re trying to test if the pen is still working or if it’s run out of ink.


  4. ch

    This is ugly !
    Dare I say, disgusting
    Trying to be like Chris brown and he failed
    Is he on drugs?


  5. lmaoAtHaters

    It matches his rap skills……horrible


  6. MonsieurKnowles

    I thought his son did it, but him WTF?! LMAO


  7. OH Tyga

    Omfg This so dope boy fresh, i luv his art work. NOT NOT AND MORE NOT… Art my Asscrack


  8. mumi

    Wow, stop making “art”.


  9. carlos



  10. hilarybanxxx

    Lmao. Tyga sucks at everything.


    Oh ok Reply:

    @hilarybanxxx, Can i ask what exactly your doing with your life? Are u getting 6 figure checks living the life you want or do you just like to judge people living the life u want???


    killakam Reply:

    @Oh ok, What does getting 6 figure cheques (not ‘checks’) have to do with the fact that Tyga’s uninspired basquiat-copied ‘artwork’ looks like the piece of sh*t it is.

    Get the f*ck outta here with your culturally programmed “You hatin’ cause he get money” garbage. That’s what the hip-hop community has programmed you to say so they can get away with anything and still get paid with your hard earned money.

    Don’t defend their dumbf*ckery.


    haha Reply:

    @killakam, co sign


  11. Yeezus Christ

    looks like sh*t lol



    WACK! Somebody free Chris Brown and resurrect Basquiat, cuz this aint it!


  13. Andy

    LOL!! Okay Tyga!! hahaha


  14. bobs

    Umm. No.


  15. Mao_the_cat

    he probably tried to be alternative.. like some old egyptian pyramids art.. but it just looks like a kid’s drawing. 6 year old kid’s


  16. X

    this is absolutely dreadful.
    Sorry this isn’t art looks like something a 12 year old did.


  17. X

    Like really. You are a rapper dawg,not a artist,a musician.
    Only Basquiat could get away with publishing something so shitty.


  18. jimscreechie

    F–k outta here Tyga


  19. coco

    That’s straight up garbage. Why do all these retards think they can become artists/painters over night just because they can draw something ??? smhhhhh..


  20. Dodo



  21. Julian

    this doesn’t even look like basquiat, like, at all. and tbh I drew better pictures in kindergarten.
    #stupid #bullshit #uninspired #somehellacoolhashtag


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