Ciara Shows Off Pregnant Lady Crip Walk


While she waits the arrival of her son, Ciara is keeping on her toes. The pregnant singer, who is due to give birth later this month, posted a video of herself crip walking to the Notorious B.I.G.’s “Going Back to Cali” in a parking garage.

“Ever Seen A Pregnant Lady Crip Walk?:) #BlimpeWalk Goofing Off Before I Hit The Track 2 Walk:) #LoveMusic.#LoveDance. Happy Friday Everyone!!:) XO,” tweeted CiCi.

In March, she and her dad had some fun dancing to fiancĂ© Future’s “Move That Dope.”

After giving birth, Ciara plans to get right back to work. “As soon as the body says hit the gym, I’m gonna hit the gym,” she told W magazine.

She considers her upcoming album her best work yet. “I will go on record saying so,” she said of the follow-up to 2013′s Ciara.

See CiCi C-Walk to Biggie.

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  1. Aaron

    Lol, she’s adorable.


  2. 2bad2bme

    the most Iv’e seen her is when she’s pregnant…you better soak up that 15 minute b*tch


    Shutterbug Reply:

    @2bad2bme, And you better soak up your 15 seconds, HATER.


  3. felisha walker

    @2bad2bme Lmfaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


  4. Grant

    What a terribly slow news day.


  5. James

    She is so happy and the fact that people say she is irrelevant yet you jump at every post to comment something negative shows you have no life and in fact she is very relevant as you Haters keep mentioning her. You guys are pathetic really. Why you hate her so much is beyond me. She is happy and hasn’t hurt anyone. Where is your career. Oh yeah you don’t have one!


  6. Kyle

    Ciara rocks pregnancy so well. She just looks so happy and amazing. Love her! I can’t wait for the new album!!


  7. Bleep

    I am absolutely disgusted that people say she is using her pregnancy to stay relevant, pregnant woman always make lil diarys of their journey, Are they trying to stay relevant of life?
    Ciara is clearly happy she never opens up about her personal life and when she finally does people say she’s trying to say that? Y’all said that about her dating future and her body party record, just stop it she’s gunna be around whether you like it or not. Peace


  8. TBear

    Its definitely gotta be close to baby time

    she all thick in the face

    but yea she definitely rockin the pregnancy well


  9. Anonymous

    Ciara needa sit her pregnant ass down


  10. DEE



  11. thedon



  12. sarah

    Im so happy for u babe..u looking good no matter what..u ppl stop being so negative.


  13. Music Lover

    She’s having such a great pregnancy! So glad and happy for her! Some women can’t have all the energy she’s been having so it’s deff a blessing! Love her!!!!!!


  14. High_Price

    Sooo Many Haters…& why the always 1st to comment about somebody irrelevant…lol You couldnt catch me on a Beyonce post cause i dont care for her neither do i have time to send hate her way cause my mamam taught me better then that…. You internet people are the worse…. God Bless ya’ll


  15. demazye

    you is so happy that you about to have a baby boy and i kow tyga is too but good for you and this is so funny


  16. kim jenkins

    I say go cira you look good and keep making. Good music and being a good mommy stop hateing her


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