Mariah Carey and Wale Debut New Song on ‘Today’

Mariah Carey

The “Today” show summer concert series kicked off with a performance from one of the best-selling female artists of all time. Mariah Carey took over New York City’s Rockefeller Plaza to promote her upcoming album Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse, due May 27.

Wearing a sparkly black gown and a black fingerless glove, the glamorous singer performed new and old hits including “Always Be My Baby” and “Touch My Body.” She also brought out Wale to debut a new song off her album called “You Don’t Know What to Do.”

“I love you New York City!” said Mariah as she serenaded her hometown crowd.

She will also sit down with Matt Lauer for a primetime special called “Me. I Am Mariah,” airing May 31 at 8 p.m. on NBC.

Watch The Elusive Chanteuse’s dazzling set below.

“You Don’t Know What to Do” with Wale

“Touch My Body”

“Always Be My Baby”


“Me. I Am Mariah” Clip

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  1. Martin E

    Wow !! STUNNING !!! Base on the new songs I’ve heard this era is going to be EPIC !!! Thirsty will go to #1 n shut everyone up !! Specially all em barbz !! Mariah is a true legend something nicki Minaj will NEVER EVER BE OR EVEN DREAM OF !! The only artist that’s close to making or breaking Mariah’s record is RIHANNA CUZ NOT EVEN BEYONCÉ !!! Yes the true diva is back !!!!


    @AveryVenture Reply:

    @Martin E,

    is she pregnant again?


  2. Brandon R

    Her best song in YEARS. This album just keeps getting better and better.


  3. Garry B



  4. Cool_Beans

    WOW!!!!!! She sounded amazing with LIVE and studio vocals. I’m impressed and LOVE LOVE LOVE the new song. Mariah is a timeless machine that can often be imitated but NEVER duplicated. One in a million. She is the legend of all legends. WERK Momma!!!!! Were glad to have you back.


  5. joan crawofrd

    Why why why does she lip sync!! So sad.


    crazysexycool Reply:

    @joan crawofrd, Clearly you didn’t pay attention to the video. Go play in traffic hater. What’s sad is that you misspelled your own last name. Silly a$$ queen. FOH


  6. Sarcasm

    Wow she really does look like on the cover of her single and album….


  7. Sarcasm

    An H is missing in wale BTW.


  8. dJInVincible74

    It’s nice to hear something uptempo from Mariah for a change. I hope this new song turns out to be her next single.


  9. JD

    “You Don’t Know What to Do” sounds great. I do love this woman:

    “Messing up the words to my own song & I don’t even care.”


  10. Me. I am Mariah

    I am OBSESSED with this new collab with Wale!! YAAAAAASSSSSSSSSS MIMI


  11. A Realist

    Sounds pretty nice. Cant wait to hear the HQ studio version. Excited for this album.


  12. wheeet?

    “You don’t know what to do” SLAYYYYYYYYYYYED!


  13. Kyle

    This is probably my favorite song by her from this era so far. I know she will have some other strong tracks on the album too.


  14. @thenormajeane

    This album is really awesome so far! I am happy with her approach. I am a lamb so you know I am excited!


  15. P

    This is honestly shaping up to be some of the best music of 2013-2014. That song is greatness. I’m impressed.


  16. Major Sushi

    why is she so big?


  17. Whoa Now...

    So I came here to hear the new song hoping it would be something worthy of Mariah. TBH this song like this era like the title is a mess. I’m ready to scoot this album under the rug with Memoirs and pretend it never happened. But hey the album could surprise me. I’ll wait for the leak.


  18. Sharp Tongue

    Ha Ha Ha… #AMess.Com


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