Chris Brown Collaborates with James DeBarge in Jail

Chris Brown and James DeBarge

Chris Brown may be behind bars, but that hasn’t stopped him from making music. The R&B superstar has collaborated with fellow inmate James DeBarge in jail.

According to TMZ, Brown has been passing time at L.A. County Jail by singing with the ’80s DeBarge hitmaker, known for hits including “Rhythm of the Night.”

The singers are in segregated side-by-side cells for high-profile inmates. But despite the walls that divide them, they have already written three songs. They even perform them during the long days with other cellmates joining in the jailhouse rock.

The 50-year-old DeBarge, who famously wed Janet Jackson in 1984, is serving time for assault with a deadly weapon and drug charges.

After admitting a probation violation earlier this month, Chris was ordered to 131 more days in jail, but may see an early release due to overcrowding.

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  1. Croqque

    Best thing I’ve read in ages


    Lapu doti Reply:

    The worst and fake


  2. Tasha

    This is the dumbest rumor. I’ve ever heard and the source is tmz. His in solarity all day. Bye all.


    KENBARBUK Reply:



    What kind of mess


  3. gee

    YALL STOPPPP! I died when I read this.


  4. Ice

    A wall can’t seperate true love, sing your hearts out ladies.


    Bike It Up Reply:

    @Ice, I AM SCREAMING!!


    Bitches In Paris Reply:

    @Ice, LOL OMGGG


  5. Deejay

    I am on my knees screaming in laughter!!!!
    Y’all better put on a full blown jailhouse rock musical.


    Heather Reply:

    @Deejay, If Chris is with James DeBarge, he’s on his knees screaming too lmfao


  6. Deejay

    Rap-Up is so shadyyyyy.lmao Even if it is true, I know whoever published this article on the website was giggling the whole time they typed in the details.


  7. Steve

    They’re probably spitting more than just bars. :) Have fun.


  8. A Realist



  9. NASIR

    I am dying. OMG. seriously?





  11. Gyary



  12. Jo

    This is lame.


  13. s7 str3ter

    What?..James Debarge is in jail! I used to have a crush on that dude…life is a roller-coaster.


  14. Bitches In Paris



  15. Bijan



  16. doll S

    If this is true, we know jail is a waste of tax dollars these days.


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